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UNV Guatemala to conduct workshop on national volunteer policy
04 December 2007

Guatemala City, Guatemala: On the occasion of the International Volunteer Day, celebrated each year on the 5th of December, the Planning Commission of the Government of Guatemala (SEGEPLAN), in a strategic alliance with JICA and UNV, decided to launch on the 6th of December a workshop on the development of a national volunteer policy.

Guatemala counts with a longstanding tradition of volunteerism, including the solidarity networks among the country’s indigenous populations, a vast range of Volunteer Involving Organizations (VIOs) and university volunteers – students who perform volunteer work / internships as an integral part of their academic curriculum.

There is a need felt to coordinate better these expressions of volunteerism in the framework of an enabling environment for volunteerism. Its objective is to bring along synergies between the different volunteer actors and society at large, and to better canalize volunteers as an important development strategy and tool for Guatemala.

During the workshop, several key volunteer involving organizations will meet and exchange views on how to reach more coordination and a volunteer enabling environment. This should result in a proposal for a national volunteer policy and a concrete action plan to reach this in the course of 2008.