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Volunteering, a powerful force for change informs about opportunities for young people to volunteer within government agencies, public corporations or associations at the national, European and international level. Young volunteers, aged from 18 to 28 years old, speak out and tell their own volunteer experience on web site in French.    Visit site
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12 August - International Youth Day 2008 
This year's theme is 'Youth and Climate Change: Time for Action'. Climate change has already begun to devastate communities and deepen the effects of poverty and hunger, complicating the challenges that youth face. However, through volunteerism young people are increasingly adding their voices to the call for action on climate change.To find out what's going on in your part of the world, click here for the UN's International Youth Day 2008 site Visit site
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Francophone volunteers among Chinese at the Olympics 
Lost in the mass of hundred thousand Chinese volunteers, a Beninese, a Canadian from Quebec and a French-speaking Uzbek give assistance to journalists, athletes and members of delegations on the Olympic sites. Read on the NouvelObs web site in French.   Visit site
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Passing the torch, passing volunteerism 
David Brettel, director of the volunteer programme of the Sydney Organizing Committee for Olympic Games, sees that volunteerism has grown into a thriving tree in Beijing.  Visit site 
Volunteering ideas and contacts site oriented towards teenagers in the US.  Visit site
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Student's Partnership Worldwide 
SPW is an international non-governmental organization that recruits and trains young adults (aged 18-28) as volunteer Peer Educators, to lead programs that address urgent health and environmental issues in Africa and Asia.  Visit site
Youth Rescue Outreach (TYRO) 
The Youth Rescue Outreach (TYRO), was formed to help youth to turn their challenges in opportunities, and to show them that by living wisely they can succeed in life.  The word TYRO also means young learner. Over the past year it has been organizing and conducting youth outreaches in Uganda.  Visit site
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This new website launched by the UK government acts as a gateway for volunteering opportunities for young people in England. Aimed at 16 to 25-year-olds, the site features blogs, question and answer forums, a chatroom, case studies and volunteering opportunities with charities including the British Red Cross and Global Xchange.  Visit site
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Swat Youth Front 
Swat Youth Front (SYF) Swat is a Non-Governmental, non-political and no ethnic organization. It is working for the socio-economic development of the inhabitants of district Swat. SYF was established in 1997 and registered in the year 1999 under the social welfare and volunteer and NGOs registration & Control Act 1961. The main purpose of SYF is to bring changes in policies with the help of the locals that can lead them towards the prosperous life. The NGO took initiative for gender development in March 1999 for the first time.  Visit site
More about: Pakistan  Gender  MDG 3  Youth
Youth Service America newsletters 
Youth Service America publishes three email newsletters, ‘National Service Briefing’, ‘Grants and Awards Announcements’, and ‘Youth Service America Quarterly’ as well as action alerts and news releases.  Visit site

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