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Global Youth Service Day - 24-26 April 
During Global Youth Service Day, millions of youth around the world organize community service projects to address the needs of their local communities through service, to be recognized for their contributions, and to be a part of a global youth service movement.

Over the past 21 years, Global Youth Service Day has brought together more than 40 million people in thousands of communities worldwide. It is held during a weekend every April in over 100 countries in every region of the world.

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Yoith Service Initiative (Netherlands) 
YSI is an organization founded by young people, for young people. The overall aim is to create a youth culture of service’ by encouraging young people to take initiative in their community. At the same time YSI is a one year volunteer program for the international youths who want to train in becoming exemplary in the field of service.  Visit site
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Africa and Asia Venture 
Africa & Asia Venture Ltd (AV), based in the UK, was set up in 1993 as a specialist gap year volunteering organisation for volunteers aged 17 to 25. AV now works with projects in China, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Over the past 15 years AV’s 4,500+ volunteers have contributed the equivalent of more than 1,200 years of volunteer service in developing countries.  Visit site
A life changing volunteering adventure 
Tiffany McCabe spent three weeks in Kenya as part of a volunteer trip with the not-for-profit organization Free the Children. The experience had such an impact on Tiffany and her group that they are continuing their involvement through a campaign called “Well Worth It”, dedicated to raising awareness and funds to have well systems implemented in developing nations, through the assistance of Free the Children.  Visit site
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EC calls for civic service and volunteering project proposals 
The European Commission has announced a call for proposals through the Amicus programme, which will support transnational civic service and volunteering projects comprising research and awareness raising activities and the placement of young people within the EU. The deadline is 31 October 2008.   Visit site
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Painting a positive picture 
Young volunteers from the Queen Margaret Academy in Ayr are taking part in a community art project to improve their school garden by creating a colourful outdoor classroom. Six schools have been involved in The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Curriculum for Excellence pilot project during the past academic year, with groups of over 280 young people positively contributing to improve their schools and wider community through projects in child care, sports coaching, community arts and conservation projects.  Visit site
A bit for society 
Young professionals are taking time out to do social work with NGOs in India, volunteering during weekends at various organizations where they can apply their skills to do some noble work. The volunteer is no longer only the housewife, the student or the elderly person, but includes management professionals, engineers or those with doctorates...  Visit site
Volunteer makes his mark in Peru 
Teenager Mark Pope has just returned from a spell volunteering in Peru. The 19-year-old joined Platform 2 which aims to raise awareness of global development amongst young British adults who would not normally be able to afford the opportunity to volunteer overseas.  Visit site
One world, one dream, one million volunteers 
The Beijing Olympics received more than one million volunteer applications, of which 74,715 were accepted, plus 30,000 for the Paralympic Games. However, Zhang Juming, deputy director of the Volunteer Work Department of the Organizing Committee for the Beijing Olympic Games, says that 1 million people in fact volunteered services in various fields, including medical, traffic and security assistance.  Visit site
Olympic Gold for Beijing volunteers 
As China's 600-strong Olympic team fight for medals on the home soil, a separate team nearly 3,000 times its size are trying to snatch another gold for their country - with friendly smiles.  Visit site
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