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16 August 2008  - 31 July 2008
Ukraine volunteerism camp beckons

After implementation of last year's International Volunteerism Promotion campaign in Ukraine, the organizers received very positive feedback from its participants, both international volunteers and Ukrainian youth in the villages visited by the campaign.

Following these recommendations, together with our partner organisation 'Alternative-V', UNV Ukraine has started preparations for the second campaign shaped as a volunteer work camp.

This year, international volunteers will visit six villages in the Rivne and Zhytomir oblast in the north of Ukraine. Their activities will consist of two components. First, international volunteers will conduct a workshop on volunteerism for their Ukrainian peers. The aim of the seminar is to discuss with Ukrainian youngsters the benefits of being an active citizen, the possibility of influencing your own life as well as the life of your community, participation in decision-making etc. And then, together with Ukrainian peers, volunteers will help get them started by laying out a sports playground, arranging a park or translating nameboards in local museums into English.

While UNV is busy with development of the programme and consultancy of hosting partners, Alternative-V selects suitable volunteers for this work camp. If you wish to become one of them, please see the camp description and guidelines on how to apply for the camp.