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24 April 2007
Volunteers use texts to monitor Nigerian elections 
Former U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright, left, visits a polling station as head of an election observer delegation from the U.S.-based National Democratic Institute, during presidential elections in Abuja, Nigeria Saturday, April 21, 2007. (AP Photo/Felix Onigbinde)
Lagos, Nigeria: Anyone trying to rig or tamper presidential elections in Nigeria could be caught out by a team of volunteers armed with mobile phones. Election volunteers use SMS to feedback their observations to a central computer hub, which was then passed on to other monitoring groups including the EU.  Read article
From: BBC News, UK
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16 April 2007
Young German volunteers make amends for Holocaust by Ben Winograd
Holocaust survivor Jean Dambrot talks with German volunteer Felix Muller, left, in his house in Jerusalem, Sunday, April 15, 2007. Muller, who is writing Dambrot's biography, arrived with two dozen other German volunteers in Israel for a year of service through a group called Ot Hakapara. Israel will mark the annual Holocaust remembrance day beginning at sunset Sunday. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)
Jerusalem: The Holocaust had been over for more than 60 years but that did not erase young Germans' sense of obligation to Nazis' victims. Nearly two dozen young German volunteers have recently arrived in Israel for a year of service through "Ot Hakapara", Hebrew for "sign of atonement", working at libraries, nursing homes and community centers around the country.   Read article
From: International Herald Tribune, France
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26 March 2007
Expanding networks by Megan Griffith
Online communities present opportunities for voluntary groups to engage with new audiences and to build powerful new networks, writes Megan Griffith.  Read article
From: The Guardian, UK
15 March 2007
Volunteer for the 'historic climate march' 
Smoke rises from chimneys at a Paris factory. .(AFP/File/Joel Saget)
Make history! Volunteer for Christian Aid's 11-week, 1,000-mile march for climate justice, from Northern Ireland to London on 14 July 2007. The organization is urging the government to cut the country's carbon emission by 5 per cent.  Read article
13 March 2007
On the same wave by Raymond Bonner
Ms. Laalaa and Mr. Damouny, both 20, are Muslims taking part in an outreach program called On the Same Wave. Ms. Laalaa’s outfit is meant to comply with Islamic modesty. (New York Times)
Cronulla, Australia: The most quintessential Australian pastime -- swimming at the beach -- has prevented many Muslim men and women to get totally integrated into Australian culture because of their traditional clothing. Through a new volunteer programme, and a novel swimming outfit, Australian Muslims are encouraged to "get out there and be part of Australia" by becoming volunteer lifeguards.   Read article
08 March 2007
'Women & children are the first targets of war' by Ali Hakimi
Fatima Gailani believes girls and women should be given the same opportunities as boys and men to become educated and develop their vocational and professional skills.(IFRC)
The president of the Afghan Red Crescent Society is not only a dedicated humanitarian and a volunteer, she also happens to be an outspoken champion of women’s rights and democracy. To mark International Women’s Day, 8 March, Fatima Gailani talks to the International Federation’s Ali Hakimi about her influential role and why she refuses to let ongoing violence in Afghanistan prevent the Red Crescent from doing its important work.  Read article
06 March 2007
Volunteer helps children regain childhood through sports 
Claude Marshall, volunteer consultant on refugee sport (UNHCR, 2007)
Claude Marshall has been a full-time volunteer consultant at UNHCR for the past 14 years, helping tens of thousands of refugees around the world. Much of his work since then has focused on raising public awareness and private sector support for sport and education programmes for refugee children. Marshall is preparing to hand over to a full-time successor, thus ensuring that the programmes he started will continue to benefit refugee children. He sat down with UNHCR spokesman Ron Redmond to discuss his volunteer work and the future of the programme he began.   Read article
27 February 2007
Swaziland turns to volunteers in providing home-based care 
Red Cross worker, Ncane Kunene infront of the Sigumbeni Clinic in Swaziland. (James Hall/IRIN)
Sigumbeni, Swaziland: Swaziland is increasingly relying on volunteers to provide home-based care to HIV/AIDS-affected persons and their families, especially to elderly living in rural areas. The country has the highest number of HIV-infected people -- 33.4 percent of the population between ages 15 to 49 are infected. The situation is aggravated by the failing public health system and further strained by  Community volunteers organized by the Red Cross, visit homestead after homestead to take care of their clients' conditions -- ensuring they receive medications, arranging doctors' visits and transporting them to collect antiretroviral drugs.  Read article
From: IRIN News
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17 October 2006
23 million people take a stand against poverty 
Excited volunteers make a huge stand against poverty at a successful stand up event at Monash University, South Africa, held 15-16 October 2006. (Millennium Campaign)
More than 23 million people across the globe have set a new Guinness World Record for the largest number of people to literally “Stand Up” against poverty. And the numbers are still coming in.   Read article
27 September 2006
Power of the citizen as an agent of change by Bill Clinton, Laura Bush, Jean Case
Volunteers try to line up earthquake survivors as they queue up for food at a distribution point in Bantul, Indonesia, May 31, 2006. Relief efforts for an estimated 650,000 people displaced by Indonesia's earthquake picked up Wednesday with a surge of foreign aid workers coming into the region and the reopening of a key airport. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara
Former US President Bill Clinton and First Lady Laura Bush write about the power of individuals to make great contributions.  Read article
From: Time Magazine, USA

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