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22 September 2006
Stand Up against poverty 
Launched by the Millennium Campaign, STAND UP is a global advocacy effort to set an official Guinness World Record - the greatest number of people ever to STAND UP Against Poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals - on October 15-16 2006.   Read article
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29 August 2006
Corporates misusing volunteering, say non-profits in research by Leon Gettler
Korea Life Insurance vice-president Shin Eun-chul, centre, plays with children at Seoul SOS Children’s Village, while volunteering at the social facility for children.  (The Korea Times)
Corporate employee volunteering might be booming — more corporations and charities are trying to work together. Trouble is, the two sides don't seem to understand each other and, in some cases, they just don't get on. A special report has found frustrations and recriminations spilling over from both sectors.  Read article
From: The Age, Australia
26 July 2006
Volunteers head north of Jerusalem to help Israel-Hezbollah conflict victims 
Fatan Dakroub, a Lebanese volunteer of the Emirati-Lebanese Friendship Association, prepares boxes to send to Lebanon as part of humanitarian aid at the American University of Dubai, United Arab Emirates Monday, July 24, 2006. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)
Haifa, Israel: Hundreds of volunteers have been steadily streaming towards north of Jerusalem since the daily shelling between Israel and Lebanon-based Hezbollah group started two weeks ago. Volunteers are leaving their jobs, studies and families to help beleaguered residents of Nahariya, Safed and Kiryat Shmona.  Read article
From: The Jerusalem Post, Israel
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04 July 2006
Australia considering plan to pay volunteers by Andrew Fraser
Horticulturist Carlito Da Costa (left) and Australian volunteer Jack McGilchrist work together on an orchard Timor-Leste's first silkworm farm. (Photo: Debra Plueckhahn/AVI)
Canberra, Australia: Australian Prime Minister John Howard is considering a plan to pay retired volunteers for their efforts and to give tax breaks to volunteers still in the workforce. Under the proposed plan, volunteers in employment would be entitled to a personal income-tax deduction for the out-of-pocket expenses incurred in their volunteering. Elderly volunteers on limited incomes and those who were pensioners should be considered for some direct monetary return for their efforts.   Read article
23 June 2006
World Volunteer Web wins Web4Dev Award 
We are proud to announce that the World Volunteer Web has won this year’s Web4Dev Award for excellence in website design and development. The Web4Dev Award for 2006 is sponsored by the World Bank and was presented on 21 June at a ceremony in Washington D.C.  Read article
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13 February 2006
What difference does it make - to volunteers? by Editor, World Volunteer Web
A doctor from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) takes care of a young child in Pakistan. (Photo: Sveinung Uddu Ystad/Norwegian Red Cross)
We regularly publish articles that illustrate volunteers’ impact - individually and collectively. But a recent research showed that some volunteers don’t value their experiences. A study done by UK’s Chartered Management Institute and the international volunteer-sending organization VSO, reveal that some individuals fail to capitalize on their volunteering experiences.

What does your volunteer experience teach you? How do you apply the skills you’ve learned during volunteering in your normal, everyday work and life? Did volunteering make a difference? Tell us here!

  Read entry
From: Volunteer Blog
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15 December 2005
Volunteer in Yemen? ‘Please be serious!’ by Walid Al-Saqqaf
The word ‘volunteer’ is rarely appreciated or even understood by many Yemenis. Observers believe the current environment in Yemen does not encourage volunteerism due to high unemployment, extreme poverty and lack of basic services.  Read article
From: Yemen Times
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24 October 2005
900,000 volunteers to help monitor bird flu in Thailand 
A Thai doctor (r) gives masks to villagers in the Kanchanaburi province in western Thailand, where the first death from bird flu virus occurred. 
(Source: AFP)
Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand has assigned 900,000 volunteers to perform house-to-house checks for signs of the deadly avian influenza virus, Health Minister Suchai Charoenratanakul said Monday. The volunteer programme, which also involves bringing possibly infected subjects to nearby hospitals, is similar to a campaign launched in 2004.   Read article
From: AFP
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11 October 2005
Army of volunteers helps quake victims 
Thousands of Pakistani volunteers rushed to towns and villages to help in the relief effort as they wait for further Pakistani government help and international assistance. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)
Balakot, Pakistan: There's no way to measure how much the volunteers have accomplished writes Tim Sulliven of The Associated Press. Even if the volunteers are unorganized or lack training, they have dug out dozens, and probably hundreds, of bodies. They've brought food and clothing to people who need it. Perhaps most importantly, they are proof to the residents of Balakot that people do care.  Read article

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