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UN Year of Volunteers celebrated In Sweden!

The Swedish National Committee for the celebration of the International Year of Volunteers has now been established. It was done yesterday (7/2 2001) at a meeting in Stockholm.

The UN IYV is focused on all the people who give of their time and commitment, without any remuneration. At the centre stands the individual and his/hers needs for a coherent context and for the possibility to play a meaningful role in society.

The Swedish Committee has the following aims:

  • To highlight the celebration of the IYV in Sweden
  • To prepare and facilitate a good programme during the year, including the creation of the necessary funds to do it
  • Recommending state action for reaching the goals of the IYV in our country

"Now we have to identify what the most necessary national activities are that we can focus on, to facilitate the celebration. But we also have to reach out to all the local branches of the organizations since that is where almost all the volunteer work is being done. We hope that they will take this opportunity to show the public what a fantastic chance it is to work as a volunteer, how much happiness you meet, what you can learn etc. The YIV in Sweden will focus heavily on the individual person and the power that lies in his/her commitment." This says Ludvig Sandberg who is the chairperson of the National Committee.

Ludvig Sandberg continues: "We were able to get some organizations as full members of the Committee yesterday. Many more organizations are now going to get a mandate to get involved as full members at the next meeting. I hope that even more organizations will join in during the year. We see the celebration as a frame work to which many already planned activities can be linked up. The more organizations that choose to link their public activities to the celebration the better!


Ludvig Sandberg
Telefon: 08-600 26 81
Mail: ludvig.sandberg@socialforum.a.se

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