Report to the Files on the Preparations for IYV 2001

Government identified the Office of the Vice President as the focal point for IYV 2001. To date we have been meeting with the PS in the Office of the Vice President, Ms Aminata Dibba to strategize on the way forward on this General Assembly initiative.

During July 2000 we conducted a survey of 34 national agencies, inclusive of government ministries and NGOs in the country, to ascertain their interest in participating the planning, formulation and implementation of the IYV 2001 programme. The response was rather instructive in that 20 NGOs and government agencies indicated an interest in serving on the national committee and we are in the process of identifying the membership of the National Committee (NC).

Our first meeting with the agencies who participated in the survey was held on August 10, 2000 in the office of the Vice President conference room and was attended by 8 agencies in addition to three volunteer sending agencies (VSAs) in the Gambia. This meeting was chaired by the PS OVP and focused on the following issues:

Background to IYV 2001

Setting up of a National Committee

Brief on some Country Experiences

Discussion on IYV 2001 Celebrations in The Gambia.

During this meeting the genesis of IYV 2001 was presented and the rationale for and process of setting up an IYV 2001 NC was presented. Reference was made to the work done in the Caribbean to date highlighting the regional meetings and the country consultation process and the formulation of national plans of actions and budgets down through the mobilisation of the resources for implementing the IYV 2001 POA.

It was agreed that it would be useful to decentralise the IYV 2001 POA in the Gambia since the bulk of volunteerism experience is found at the municipal and area council levels. in This regard we agreed to so structure the IYV 2001 NC to have members who will represent each municipality and area council. We also agreed that the IYV 2001 NC will have subgroups in each of the municipalities and area councils to facilitate the planning and implementation of the programme at that level.

To facilitate the inauguration of the IYV 2001 NC the generic TOR for IYV 2001 NCs will be circulated to the prospective members for review and modification to fit the Gambian situation prior to our next scheduled meeting on Thursday 17, 2000 at 11:00 hours in the OVP CR. This meeting will focus on finalising the TOR for the IYV 2001 NC and setting the agenda for the meeting with the UNV Programme Specialist from HQ who is scheduled to be here in September.