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Preparation work for IVY2001 in Lithuania

Now Lithuania Volunteer Center is co-ordination institution for IYV2001 in Lithuania:

1. First of all we decided to lobby for proclamation next year Volunteer Year In Lithuania. We collected 270 different people signatures. All signatures with request I send to Lithuania Premier Minister and Lithuania President. Last week we received answer - Ministry or Social Welfare during one months must prepare resolution to declare next year Volunteer Year in Lithuania. In my opinion if this declaration would be accepted by Lithuania Parliament - it will be big step for promoting volunteerism as phenomenon (In Lithuania just approx. 9 % people works like volunteer in NGO's, many people not correctly identify military and NGOs volunteer differences ("NGOs in Lithuania", National Public opinion Survey Report, USAID).

2. We started more aggressive and visible promotion IVY2001. Big banner (6*3 meters) (see attachment "banner") now is near hotel "Lithuania" in the centre of Vilnius. We have on our plan list to prepare more different banners and placed it in different cities of Lithuania (see attachment, we haven't photo, it logo which we are using).

3. Small promotional material, like cups, T shirts, ball-pens, pin for key with IVY2001 logo are distributed now.

4. Publication. We printed book "How to be an effective volunteer". This book is very popular in Lithuania and NGOs are using it to find volunteers and promote volunteerism as it.

5. Promotion by Web Site - http://www.savanoris.lt/english

Till now we was using money from different Lithuania Volunteer Center projects ("Hospital Volunteerism", "How to work effectively wit volunteer" etc.). But these finances for preparation and promotion IVY2001 is not big and we will spend it fast. Now I thinking about possibility to apply for financial support especially for IVY2001. If You have some information - please inform me.

Lithuania Volunteer Centre
Zemaites str. 21-201,
Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2043
phone/fax +370 2 310632
Mobile phone +370 99 37808








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