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31 March 2000.

The first meeting on IYV and International Volunteers Day (IVD) in Mongolia

Mr. Douglas Gardner, UN Resident Co-ordinator/UNDP Res. Rep.
Ms. B. Suvd, Department of International Organisations, Ministry of External Relations.
Ms. Dagmidmaa, Senior Administrative Associate UNDP Mongolia
Ms. Anita Cleare, Programme Officer, VSO Mongolia.
Ms. D. Olonchimeg, Program Assistant, Peace Corps Mongolia
Mr. Sh. Gahbadrah, Mongolian Volunteers Association.
Ms. Kh. Khulan, Mongolian Volunteers Association.
Ms. N. Bolormaa, Head of the Mongolian Child's Right Center.
Mr. Kamaran Ismaeel Barzanji, Field Co-ordinator, Peace Winds Japan.
Mr. J. P.Yadav, International UNV under Project MPN/97/P11.
Ms. J. Enkhtuul, NUNV Co-ordinator,PAPO.
Ms. Lynne Nyunt Sein, UNV Programme Officer, UNDP Mongolia.

1. Welcoming and briefing about the objectives of IYV -2001.
2. Setting up National Committee for IYV-2001 and IVD - 2000.
3. Plan of actions for 2001 with guidelines provided by UNV Bonn.
4. IYV to link with Race for Life 2; for public awareness and promotion of IYV-2001.
5. Sharing and informing about selection of NUNV-IYV co-ordinator.
6. Open discussions.

UN Resident Co-ordinator welcomed and opened the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to set up the IYV-2001 National Committee, the National Launch of IYV -2001 on International Volunteers Day, 5 December 2000 and as well as to discuss about the preparation for International Year of Volunteers-2001 activities, as the UN General Assembly has proclaimed 2001, as the International Year for Volunteers.

UN Resident Co-ordinator briefly explained about the objectives of the International Year 2001, which are: to increase recognition; to increase facilitation of volunteer work; enhance networking and promotion of volunteering. He also explained that the objectives of the meeting is to bring together a number of organizations with a vested interested in volunteerism with a view to establish mechanisms of promoting volunteerism and to prepare for the International Year of Volunteers - 2001.

UNV Programme Officer raised about setting up National IYV Committee and discussed on (a) plan activities of the national committee; (b) to identify resources in terms of financial, human and institutional resources and to identify the time frame. She welcomes for any suggestions what we activities should do prior to the IYV.

Brainstorming ideas of activities for the up-coming IYV prior to IVD-2000.
UNV PO discussed about ideas creating the Mongolia Volunteer web site, each organization collecting about information on volunteers, to have a documentary video on "Volunteers in Mongolia" and these activities should be shared with the press and media to have a better understanding on volunteerism in the whole country.

Ms. Anita Cleare from VSO supported the idea of changing the image and concepts on volunteerism, and to share with the committee members that by the year 2001, as VSO will be celebrating their organsiation's tenth anniversary in Mongolia. VSO will look into searching for the possibility of volunteers with press and media background and experience within their organization.

Ms. Olonchimeg from Peace Corps shared that this year will also coincide with the tenth anniversary of Peace Corps. in Mongolia and supported the idea of changing the image and concept of volunteerism too. She has elaborated with ideas that using the networking, the event should be organized in whole country.

Ms. Suvd from the Ministry of External Relations stressed that the Government of Mongolia appreciates and highly accesses on all the volunteers contribution within the country. She mentioned that the government is willing to give any support to enable organize the IYV-2001 event successfully. In principle it is possible for the official launching of the IYV -2001 and to declare at the national level in the country.

Mr. Ismail from Peace Winds Japan raised that there should be a debate on volunteers achievement in Mongolia with concrete results which we have achieved over the past years in details.

Ms. N. Bolormaa from the Mongolian Child Rights Center shared about the conditions and the need of volunteers for the homeless children, children's detention centre and the school dropouts. She also raised that there is a need for training for teachers in the area of child's rights and etc.

7. Decisions

Set up a working group with the United Nations Volunteers as focal point for the year with a few members which will include each representative from Ministry of External Relations, Peace Corps., VSO, Peace Winds Japan, JOVC, KOICA, Mongolian Volunteers Association, Mongolian Red Cross and such, who would be able to meet regularly at least once a month.

The activities can be in the following directions
1. networking of volunteers and volunteer's organizations
2. reinforcement of existing volunteers organization rather than setting up new National Volunteer Center.
3. IYV to be linked with Race for Life - awareness on alcoholism, as part of awareness and promotion of IYV - 2001.
4. information sharing, creating web page, writing successful stories, printing booklet on "Volunteers in Mongolia" and coverage for mass media.
5. recognition of the volunteers activities in the country.
6. The next meeting is agreed to meet on 2 May 2000 at 10:00 hrs at the UNDP Conference Room.


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