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Planning for International Volunteer Day
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International Volunteer Day (IVD) is a great opportunity to showcase the contribution of volunteers to society and encourage more people to volunteer.  

Below are some ways to get ready for IVD in your country, and you can also check out our ideas pages:

Ideas for IVD 1
Ideas for IVD 2

Form or join an IVD national committee

  • If your country has a national committee or organization promoting IVD, find out how you can get involved. Check the list of IVD focal points (let us know at if the details are out of date.)
  • If there isn't currently a national committee, see about getting one started!
  • In coordination with the national IVD committee, perhaps start up a local sub-committee in your own area to spread the IVD message wider and outside urban centres.
  • Try to involve people and organizations from different sectors: education, non-profit, UN agencies, businesses, the media, government etc.
  • Consider ways to get political and financial support. Tell potential supporters about UN Resolutions A/RES/40/212 which proclaimed IVD and A/RES/57/106 which reaffirmed its importance.

Think of a theme or focus

  • Bear in mind that the more people and organizations can relate to a topic, the better your chances of involving the broad public.
  • Consider ways to link IVD and the work of volunteers to an urgent development issue in your country or region. The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are a perfect starting point.
  • Be inspired by activities in previous years and other countries, but don't hesitate to try something new!

Plan activities for the day

  • Prepare volunteer activities that either address or raise awareness about your chosen theme or the MDGs. Check out our ideas pages for inspiration.
  • Clearly demonstrate that these activities are linked to longer-term volunteering initiatives.
  • Produce promotional materials with the IVD emblem and modify it with a national slogan. 
  • Download the IVD poster and information resources - available in English, French and Spanish - to create posters, flyers and calendars of activities.
  • Look for partners with effective distribution networks and provide IVD promotional materials – pens, hats, T-shirts etc. – to libraries, community centres, educational institutes, non-profit organizations and government offices.
  • Prepare a media campaign to raise awareness: check our advice here.

Share ideas around the world

Send information and photos about activities and events in your country to and we will publish it on this website. Please include 'IVD (country name)' in the subject line of your emails.  Keep written materials below 300 words and include captions, including photographer, with the photos.  We will post your photos on the IVD Flickr site. 

Upload your videos to the YouTube IVD2008 group.