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International Volunteer Day 2008 events
Argentina - Eventos para el DIV - Jornada internacional "Ser Voluntario" 
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Con motivo del DIV, la red organiza la primera Jornada internacional "Ser Voluntario" desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, con transmisión en vivo vía Web a todo el mundo hispanohablante.  View event
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Armenia - IVD events 
Yerevan, Armenia: The first event of its kind in Armenia, the 'Best Volunteer of the Year' award is organized to highlight volunteers’ paramount contributions to economic and human development.  View event
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Bermuda - IVD events 
Hamilton, Bermuda: The Centre on Philanthropy will be hosting two events on International Volunteer Day, celebrating Bermuda’s volunteers.  Read article
Bolivia - Eventos para el DIV 
La Paz, Bolivia: Para celebrar el Día Internacional de los Voluntarios (DIV), diferentos eventos tendrán lugar en Bolivia, bajo el lema 'Por un DÍA DIFERENTE, celebramos trabajando'.  View event
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Bosnia and Herzegovina - IVD events - Livno 
Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Launch of humanitarian action '5 do 12 za 5 +' at the youth centre Livno aiming to help socially endangered families with five or more children.  View event
Bulgaria- IVD events 
Sofia, Bulgaria: University students will serve as team leaders for the residents of an orphanage in Sofia in order to develop a spirit of voluntary service in them. Together we are going to decorate flower pots and plant indoor plants.   View event
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Cameroon - IVD events 
Yaoundé, Cameroon: On 5 December 2008, the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) will carry out a one-day workshop aimed at teaching orphans new skills in arts and crafts, photograph, and computer skills, among others.  View event
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Chad - IVD events 
N'Djamena and Abeche, Chad: The theme of this year’s IVD in Chad is 'Environment and Youth'. Almost 47 percent of the Chadian population consists of youth and through this theme, we would like to highlight the role of youth in keeping the environment clean which has further linkages to improved health and living conditions.   View event
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China - IVD events 
Beijing, China: The objectives of the IVD celebrations in Beijing are to celebrate this day with volunteers from all around the world; to bring out the outcomes of volunteering in China; to strengthen the communication and cooperation of volunteer organizations from home and abroad; to promote the volunteer spirit of 'Contribution, Friendship, Mutual Aid and Progression' in society; to mobilize youth and the general public to participate in volunteering services; and to contribute to harmonious society.  View event
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Croatia - IVD events 
Sisak, Croatia: An NGO fair, a conference and a performance by Rambo Amadeus are in store in Sisak.  View event
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Cyprus - IVD events and Volunteer Week 
Nikosia, Cyprus: Volunteerism Week will promote the values of volunteerism and recognize the valuable contribution of volunteers.  Read article
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Ecuador - Eventos para el DIV 
Quito, Ecuador: El 30 de noviembre, participe en el "Ciclopaseo del Voluntariado" por las calles de Quito, en anticipación a los festejos del DIV.   View event
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Ecuador - Varios eventos para el DIV 
Quito, Ecuador: Para conmemorar el Día Internacional de los Voluntarios, se celebrarán actos de homenaje y varias actividades en diferentes partes del país, entre otras Quito, Tungurahua y Loja.   View event
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Egypt - IVD events 
Cairo, Egypt: UNV is organizing a 'Clean the Nile Day' and a football match, in collaboration with Al Ahly Sporting Club, in order to raise awareness about the MDGs and volunteerism.  View event
England - IVD events - Community Channel 
England: Helping others can help you: Celebrating people who volunteer  View event
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Ethiopia - IVD events 
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: The Addis Ababa Youth Association plans a half day workshop on the issue of volunteerism to raise awareness and alert the community to engage themselves in volunteerism activity in their own communities.  View event
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France - Événements pour la JIV 
Paris, France: Bernard LAPORTE, Secrétaire d’Etat chargé des Sports, de la Jeunesse et de la Vie associative, remettra les trophées nationaux du bénévolat 2008  View event
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Germany - IVD events 
Frankfurt, Germany: For IVD 2008, the Frankfurt chapter of the organization Youth Service Initiative,, will recognize the volunteers in its area. In our neighbourhood we will go door to door to collect food and goodies. We will then prepare gift baskets to honour these hardworking, active volunteers from different organizations.  View event
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Guatemala - Eventos para el DIV - 5ª Feria del Voluntariado 
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala: Para conmemorar el Día Internacional de los Voluntarios 2008, del 5 al 7 de diciembre tendrá lugar la Quinta Feria del Voluntariado en la Casa Ibargüen de Ciudad de Guatemala.  View event
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Haiti - IVD events 
Gonaïves, Haiti: International Volunteer Day 2008 will be celebrated this year in Haiti in the city of Gonaïves around the theme: 'Environment protection and disaster management and preparedness'. The theme was selected based on the fact that hurricanes that visit the Caribbean almost every, harshly hit the city of Gonaïves last September.   View event
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Honduras - Eventos para el DIV 
Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Para conmemorar el Día Internacional de los Voluntarios (DIV) en Honduras, el programa VNU ha organizado actividades en las Casas de Cultura de todo el país, así como en el parque central de Tegucigalpa.  View event
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Indonesia - IVD events 
Jakarata and East Kalimantan, Indonesia: From 5-6 December Jakarta will see a major meeting of volunteer organizations followed by a public celebration of volunteers; while in East Kalimantan youth will gather to take action for the mangrove ecosystem.  View event
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Ireland - IVD events 
Belfast, Ireland: Maureen McLaughlin who volunteered in Uganda and Caitrina McCorry who volunteered in Lesotho on the Africa ‘08 programme will give a short presentation on their experiences.   View event
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Jordan - IVD events 
Amman, Jordan: Through the Boy and Girl Scouts network, a concert will be offered by an orchestra playing traditional instruments, and 20 volunteer involving organizations will introduce opportunities at a volunteer fair.  View event
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Kazakhstan - IVD events 
Almaty, Astana, Semey and Shymkent, Kazakhstan: From press conferences to clown therapy, Kazakhstan has it all: read on to find out more about events across the country.  View event
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Kenya - IVD events - Volunteer of the Year 
Nairobi, Kenya: Nominate your preferred organization and individual volunteer in Kenya for the Volunteer of the Year Awards (VOYA). All nominations must be received by 21st November 2008. The award ceremony will be held on IVD at the KICC in Nairobi.  View event
Kyrgyzstan - IVD events 
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Volunteers in Kyrgyzstan are getting together today to raise money for a variety of causes.  View event
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Lebanon - IVD events 
Damour, Lebanon: This year’s IVD main activity consists of 'Planting around 2,000 trees' to help restore the green environment in the damaged forest of Damour.  View event
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Malawi - IVD events 
Lilongwe, Malawi: The theme that was eventually chosen for this year is ‘Improving nutrition at the household level through volunteerism’. The event is scheduled to take place at Likuni Hospital’s Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit (NRU) garden.  View event
Malaysia - IVD events - Clean up the Melaka River  
Melaka, Malaysia: World Youth Foundation (WYF) has joined one of the world’s largest environmental campaigns, Clean Up the World, to help make a difference in Malaysia.  View event
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México - Eventos para el DIV 
Monterrey, México: Para conmemorar el Día Internacional de los Voluntarios, la asociación 'Voluntarios en Equipo Trabajando por la Superación con Amor' invita a todas las asociaciones a que se sumen a las celebraciones con su propia acción comunitaria.  View event
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Namibia - IVD events 
Windhoek, Namibia: Maverick volunteering activist and expert Mr. Toivo ya Toivo will be the keynote speaker at a dialogue meeting on volunteering at the National Planning Commission (NPC).  View event
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Nepal - IVD events - Kathmandu cleanup 
Kathmandu, Nepal: UNV and VSAs in Nepal have proposed a street cleaning campaign in Kathmandu to highlight the positive aspects of volunteerism: they anticipate about more than 300 national and international volunteers to participate in the event, including some street children. There will be some high officials from UNDP Country Office Team also participating in the cleaning campaign.  View event
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Nepal - IVD events - Kutumba concert 
Lalitpur, Nepal: The National Youth Service of Youth Initiative Nepal is organizing a concert to celebrate International Volunteer Day 2008. Kutumba will be performing live.  View event
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Nigeria - IVD events 
Lagos, Nigeria: The Lagos Summit on Volunteerism and Social Responsibility with the theme 'Volunteerism towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)' is being organized by Lagos-based volunteer-involving organizations convened by the Civil Society Network for Volunteering Development (also known as GIVE Network).  View event
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Pakistan - IVD events 
Karachi, Pakistan: Volunteers are cordially invited  to join the observance of the 24th International Volunteer Day on Friday 5 December 2008, at 4pm sharp
Federation House, Main Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.  View event
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Palestinian territories - IVD events 
Various locations, occupied Palestinian territories: In partnership with local NGO Sharek and other institutions, UNV in Palestine is organizing a host of events in different locations, all based on the Millennium Development Goals. For more information, download the information sheet.  View event
Perú - Eventos para el DIV 
Lima, Perú: En el marco de las celebraciones del Día Internacional de los Voluntarios (DIV) 2008, la Secretaría Nacional de la Juventud (SENAJU), con el apoyo del programa de Voluntarios de las Naciones Unidas (VNU), celebrará el acto de lanzamiento del Programa nacional de promoción del voluntariado juvenil "Jóvenes Voluntarios".  View event
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Philippines - IVD events - Advocacy Run for Volunteerism 
Manila, the Philippines: In association with partners in the Philippines, the 2.5 km Advocacy Run for Volunteerism aims at promoting volunteerism as well as raising public awareness about climate change, while an HIV/AIDS event aims to tackle MDG6.
  View event
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Philippines - IVD events - Symposium on Youth and HIV/AIDS and Advocacy Run 
UNV in partnership with the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA), will host a Symposium on Youth Volunteering and HIV/AIDS Prevention on 5 December at Philippine Normal University in Manila, followed by an Advocacy Run for Volunteerism on 7 December at University of the Philippines—Diliman in Quezon City.   View event
More about: Philippines  HIV/AIDS  MDG 6  Youth
Philippines - IVD events - The 5th San Juanico Bridge Walkathon 
Tacloban City, the Philippines: The Sumpay Sangkay 2008 San Juanico Bridge Walkathon will mark the UN's 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women with the theme 'Human Rights for Women, Human Rights For All'. The Runggiyan is inviting 1,000 people to volunteer and walk for the aforementioned cause.  View event
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Sénégal - Commémoration de la JIV 
Dakar, Sénégal: Le Comité National de Coordination et Promotion du Volontariat du Sénégal fête la Journée internationale des Volontaires sous le thème « Volontariat et Développement Local ».  View event
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Sierra Leone - IVD events 
Freetown, Sierra Leone: In the week leading up to 5 December, volunteers in Freetown will engage in a host of activities including radio discussions and the Volunteer Football Match.  View event
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Sri Lanka - IVD events 
Colombo, Sri Lanka: ‘Expressions-the Rhythm of Life’, an event to commemorate International Volunteer Day, is being organized by UNV and UNDP together with international volunteer agencies in Sri Lanka.  View event
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Sudan - IVD events - Khartoum/Omdurman 
Khartoum, Sudan: The event this year is a volunteers’ fair, gathering various expressions of fields in which volunteerism in Sudan contributes to the achievement of the MDGs.  View event
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Syria - IVD events 
Lattakia and Damascus, Syria: This year a number of UN agencies and NGOs in Syria are promoting volunteerism for environmental awareness (MDG 7) through organizing an Environmental Campaign focusing on canvas bags as an alternative to plastic bags.   View event
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Turkey - IVD event 
Istanbul, Turkey: Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey will celebrate International Volunteer Day through conducting a conference on Youth and Volunteerism.   View event
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Turkey - IVD events 
Istanbul, Turkey: The Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey will celebrate International Volunteer Day with a conference on 'Youth and Volunteerism'.   View event
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Uganda - IVD events 
Kampala, Uganda: This year, IVD commemorations in Uganda bring together several  organizations in a range of activities that contribute to economic and social development at national and community level. The theme of IVD 2008 is 'Get involved: Volunteer to Make a Positive Difference', which will cover the entire week’s activities running from 1 to 5 December 2008.  View event
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UK - IVD events - Community Channel 
London, United Kingdom: This December, Community Channel is launching a campaign to encourage more people to give up their time to help others. The campaign Helping others can help you, will pay tribute to the community champions and volunteers across the UK and encourage more people to commit their time and sign up to volunteer.   View event
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