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Chad - IVD events

The celebration will be held on 5 December, starting at 07h30, in N’Djamena and Abeche (Eastern Chad), aimed at decentralizing volunteers’ contribution and presence.

The theme of this year’s IVD in Chad is 'Environment and Youth'. Almost 47 percent of the Chadian population consists of youth and through this theme, we would like to highlight the role of youth in keeping the environment clean which has further linkages to improved health and living conditions.

The day long celebrations (in N'Djamena) will start with a clean-up activity organized in collaboration with CARE International, which will be followed by a conference on 'Environment & Health', two main issues largely tackled as part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), where a selected pool of senior representatives from the UN, civil society and the government of Chad will elaborate the importance of basic personal hygiene/clean environment and its link to improved health conditions, to local youth associations, students and administrators of different schools and universities of Chad.

In the afternoon a sport exhibition by two local basketball teams as well as a tae-kwon-do demonstration will be held, to promote the concept of 'healthy body and healthy mind'. The main objective is to promote a culture of healthy competition through principals of integrity, discipline and team building - which are very vital for community mobilization on voluntary basis. Also, we plan to donate soccer balls branded with UNV emblems to the four poorest schools in N’Djamena followed by a short football match with the children.

The cleaning up activity in N’Djamena is organized by CARE International while the rest is mainly organized by UNV Chad (Support Office/Country Office team), the Chadian Ministry of Planning and CONASAR/JIV (Comite’ Nationale de Suivi des Acquis de la JIV) a committee directly chaired by the Minister responsible for organizing and mobilizing volunteer associations across the whole country. UN agencies and a member of the National Committee of the Red Crescent are also invited to actively participate in the event.  

The event is funded by the general contribution of UNDP Chad, UNV Chad (MINURCAT and Country Office)

For more information regarding the event, focal points are:
-    Mr.Bachiaka Singare, Programme Officer UNV (UNDP Chad), tel no. 00235 6717633, email address:
-    Filippo Busconi – UNV Support Officer – (MINURCAT UNV Support Office), tel . 00235 6901910, email address: