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05 December 2008  - 07 December 2008
Croatia - IVD events

This is the first celebration of IVD in Sisak. The programme will start with an NGO fair on 5 December when citizens can speak with various organizations from Sisak and eventually decide to join one of them as volunteers. A public tribune on domestic violence and the responsibility of the community to prevent it is scheduled for the same day.

A conference on importance of youth active participation on international level will start in the morning on 6 December.

Concert of famous regional jazz/funk/rock artist Rambo Amadeus and Mutant Dance Quartet will take place in youth club SKWHAT. Rambo Amadeus is famous not only as an artist, but also as a supporter of various volunteering initiatives in South East Europe and UNICEF goodwill ambassador. Croatian group Quartet Moderato Cantabile is the support group.

Besides tickets, visitors will pay entrance with candies. Our clown-volunteers will prepare and give presents to a local home for abandoned children afterwards.The programme ends on 9 December with projections of documentary movies on human rights and volunteering in Theater 21.50 HRK + candyLocal Democracy Agency SisakS. i A. Radica 2A, 44000 SisakHrvatska /