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Cyprus - IVD events and Volunteer Week
19 November 2008

Nikosia, Cyprus: International Volunteer Day in Cyprus will be celebrated at a special ceremony which will be organised by the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council on 5 December.

A targeted awareness raising campaign is being launched with the support of the mass media. TV spots, volunteer stories and the values of volunteerism are the main issues of the media campaign.

The president of the Republic of Cyprus and his wife (honorary president at the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council) will host a reception for all volunteers at the Presidential Palace on 7 December. The reception honours the valuable contribution of volunteers in the society through their volunteer work.

The Volunteerism Week of 2008, coordinated by the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PVCC) is 'richer' than ever! Hundreds of institutions (voluntary organizations, public, educational, private and other institutions) organize a wealth of voluntary projects and initiatives to celebrate the Volunteerism Week of 2008.

PVCC with the support and collaboration of Community Police launches an awareness raising campaign on volunteerism during the Volunteerism Week in schools to raise awareness on volunteerism and the role of the Volunteer Centre.

For the 12th consecutive year PVCC is launching an essay competition on volunteerism. Students from secondary education institutions participate in the competition are taking part.

For the 4th consecutive year PVCC is launching a voluntary work competition under the framework of the Program 'Youth & Volunteerism'. Hundreds of public schools and private schools participate in the programme and implement voluntary projects in the area of environment, culture, volunteering with people and families and volunteering in programmes run by voluntary organizations/NGOs and other institutions. The winning schools will receive monetary prizes by the President of the Republic of Cyprus at the special ceremony at the Presidential Palace on 7 December 2008.

The President of PVCC Mr. Stravros Olympios and the honorary president and first lady of Cyprus Ms. Elsi Christofia will launch the 2008 Volunteerism Week at a Press Conference on 1 December 11:00am at the Offices of the PVCC.

PVCC organizes the Volunteerism Week 2008 (launched and coordinated by PVCC since 1994) and mobilizes voluntary organizations, volunteers, governmental and semi-governmental departments, educational institutions and others to organize voluntary initiatives/projects and to honour volunteers during the Volunteerism Week. The aim of the Week is to promote the values of volunteerism and recognize the valuable contribution of volunteers.

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