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13 December 2008  - 14 December 2008
Lebanon - IVD events

This year’s IVD main activity consists of 'Planting around 2,000 trees' to help restore the green environment in the damaged Damour’s forest.

The Ministry of Social Affairs - through the Unit of Volunteerism - and the UNV programme in Lebanon are organizing two days of reforestation of the Damour village forest in Mount Lebanon Mohafaza, which was badly damaged by forest fires last summer.

Volunteers from Lebanon’s 6 Mohafazat (selected by the Unit of Volunteerism at the Ministry of Social Affairs), serving national and international UNV volunteers, UN staff and Damour Public School students will come together on 13 and 14 December to plant around 2,000 trees.

The Municipality of Damour and the Association for Forests, Development and Conservation (AFDC) will also assist in the success of the activity. The Unit of Volunteerism will mobilize their trained volunteers from the 6 Mohafazat and will coordinate closely with the Municipality and AFDC.

The Municipality of Damour will prepare the soil for planting the trees, and AFDC will provide the 2,000 trees as well as technical help to the Municipality. The technical help will ensure the proper planting of trees (preparing the holes, space between holes, etc.) and their maintenance to grow and be protected from future fire threats.