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05 December 2008  - 05 December 2008
Namibia - IVD events

The Government of Namibia (GRN) in cooperation with volunteer-sending and hosting organizations as well as volunteers themselves are celebrating International Volunteer Day (5 December) in style. On 5 December 2008 from 0900 hours until around 1200 hours, there will be a dialogue meeting on volunteering at the National Planning Commission (NPC). It will take place in the Commissioners’ Board Room Number 222 situated at the second floor.

Maverick volunteering activist and expert Mr. Toivo ya Toivo, who is also the Chairperson of Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) will be the keynote speaker. Other speakers will include Mr. Ronny Dempers, the Chairperson of NANGOF Trust who will facilitate a discussion on the current status of volunteering in Namibia. Ms. Annerie Keulder, a legal practitioner from Pieter de Beer Legal Practitioners will present a paper on volunteering and legislation, and representatives of the National Youth Service will talk about youth and volunteering in Namibia. The dialogue is aimed at strengthening the use of volunteers in achieving the National Development Plans, especially in social sectors. 

The dialogue will be followed by a time of fun and networking by volunteers, the government and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). This will take place at UN Plaza.

The GRN is of the conviction that the dialogue and the networking will help to bring out issues that should be addressed through a national policy on volunteerism, which the government is contemplating to formulate in 2009. The government recognises the distinctive contributions of volunteers to the development of Namibia and it is because of this that the day has been given special attention.  Volunteers are making a difference to people's lives at all levels in the country, which the government appreciates.

See also attached agenda below.