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05 December 2008  - 05 December 2008
Pakistan - IVD events

Mission Statement of the International Volunteers Day Organizing Committee, Karachi:
  • To promote profound Volunteerism ,especially amongst educated youth and the upcoming generations.
  • To move the Government for maximum encouragement to the Volunteers and their active groups.
  • To highlight the meritorious services of the well-select Volunteers and Philanthropists  of the Year  and
  • present them  the ‘Shields of Honour’ on the Annual International Volunteers Day.To  further highlight the valuable contributions of  the illustrious Volunteers - both the past and the present, through  befitting  public forums  and  publications, including the ‘Who’s Who of Volunteers In Sindh’.
  • To create  and  motivate the establishment of  benevolent Funds / Foundations for providing  essential services to the retired and aged Volunteers in acute distress and need.

‘International  Volunteer  Day  Shields’ for Meritorious Performance - 1998-2007

To date, 150 volunteers, most of them the Senior Citizens of Sindh, are the recipients of  the ‘ Shields  of  Honour’  for their acclaimed public services and  leadership in the promotion of essential social causes. With almost a life-time of devotional services mainly in the voluntary sector, the Shield-holders include: 37 businessmen; 47 ladies;15 belong to the minorities; 35 professionals; 17 from the interior districts and 16 from the 'underdeveloped' areas of Karachi. 

'Who’s  Who  of  Volunteers  in  Sindh’: Launched in 2002, this unique annual publication lists the distinguished services of  the aforesaid  Shield-holders. Also, well highlighted are the noble contributions of over 260 ‘Illustrious Luminaries of Dedicated Volunteerism’ headed by Amin-ul-Mulk, Nawab Mir Mohd. Masoom Shah Bakhari (16th Century) and Mai Khairun (19th Century).

This annually up-dated and well-illustrated Trend-setter Compilation of historical importance is the only one of its kind in Pakistan. The Urdu version of  its 4th edition entitled ‘Samaj kay Darkhshan Sitaray’ appeared on 5 December 2005. The 156-page 5th Volume (2006-07) lists about 550 dedicated Volunteers besides 286 photos.

Volunteers are cordially invited  to join the observance of the 24th International Volunteer Day on Friday 5 December 2008, at 4pm sharpFederation House, Main Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.

For Contacts / Feedback:

Abdul Rahim Moosvi
Chief Organizer