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11 December 2006
Des volontaires scellent un partenariat au Kasaï Oriental  by Saidou Abdou
Kinshasa, DR Congo: La Journée internationale des volontaires (JIV) a été célébrée en République démocratique du Congo le 5 décembre 2006. A Mbuji Mayi, capitale provinciale du Kasaï-Oriental, les volontaires VNU et les scouts congolais ont joint leurs efforts dans des opérations de nettoyage de la ville, une manière de marquer la Journée.   Read article
08 December 2006
Volunteerism: Welcome attribute to global citizenship 
Monrovia, Liberia: Over 1000 students from five leading universities in Liberia participated in programs marking the observance of International Volunteers Day held on 5 December with the theme “Volunteering for Reconstruction and Development in Liberia”.   Read article

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08 December 2006
Continuing commitment to make a difference 
Khartoum, Sudan: The world of volunteering is celebrating the United Nations-declared International Volunteer Day (IVD) every 5 December. To highlight this special day in Sudan, UNV volunteers, government officials and the local community of Bahri have raised funds for the refurbishment  of the Omer Elmukthar Primary School for Girls.  Read article

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08 December 2006
Volunteers for a better world by Audrey McLaughlin & Lawrence Hill
As Canadians, we are forever searching for ways to define ourselves. On the United Nations-declared International Volunteer Day, 5 December, we encourage Canadians to define themselves as global citizens for change by demanding equality and justice throughout the world.   Read article

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08 December 2006
Un homenaje a todos los voluntarios 
Buenos Aires, Argentina: El 5 de diciembre se celebró en todo el mundo el Día Internacional de los Voluntarios. En C&A, son más de 200 los empleados que año a año desarrollan voluntariamente acciones sociales en la comunidad.  Read article

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07 December 2006
Bermuda launches online volunteer resource 
Hamilton, Bermuda: The Bermuda Volunteer Centre was launched yesterday by the Centre on Philanthropy to assist people in finding volunteer opportunities.  Read article

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07 December 2006
Kiwi volunteers' time valued at NZ$2.5 billion by Tim Burns
Wellington, New Zealand: Kiwi volunteers are contributing their time at a conservative value of about $2.5 billion a year, according to Volunteering New Zealand.  Read article
06 December 2006
Volunteering sector begs government for 'more funding' 
London, UK: The volunteering sector is begging the government for more funding for projects, finds a survey today by Volunteering England, the national development agency for volunteering. The poll, which is published to coincide with the International Volunteer Day (5 December), reveals the priorities of the volunteering sector – as experienced by those who volunteer themselves, manage volunteers, or work in England’s wide network of volunteer centres.   Read article
06 December 2006
Kingston volunteers recognised  by Shelly-Ann Thompson
Kingston, Jamaica: Six volunteers in Kingston were officially recognised by Custos Canon Weeville Gordon and the International Volunteer Day Committee yesterday at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston.   Read article

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06 December 2006
Scotland to launch first volunteering strategy 
Edinburgh, Scotland: Scotland's first official strategy to encourage and structure volunteering is to be launched in the capital Edinburgh.  Read article

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