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02 December 2006  - 05 December 2006
Collect some goodies for our volunteers !
Utrecht, Netherlands
On the 5th December every year, the world celebrates the ‘International Day of Volunteers’ and this year, YSI will also be participating. But surely you couldn’t expect anything normal and predictable from a group as enthusiastic and inspired as us! No, of course not! We have come up with a completely original and fresh idea that will add a totally new angle to the day of Volunteers…

We have decided to do something good for the Volunteers themselves! There are countless people that offer so much time and effort for the sake of others, solely out of the goodness of their heart and never seek any reward or recognition. And so this year, we want to show our immense gratitude and appreciation for their work that is so vital and necessary for all our communities!

So, for our master plan … we will collect goodies and sweets from the houses in the neighbourhoods surrounding local Volunteering centers in Utrecht and then make beautiful food baskets with handcrafted thank you cards. These will then be presented on the 5. December to Volunteers all over the city as a notion of thanks and gratitude for their work from their local neighbourhood!

Flyers explaining our project will be distributed on the 28. November to all the areas, and we, as the YSI team along with other inspired youth from Utrecht, will come round a week later to collect the yummy goodies that the local people want to offer. And hopefully, the people of Utrecht will be inspired with the giving spirit of ‘Sinta Claus’, which will make the event even more of a success! 

If you would like to join us in this project or want more information please e-mail Joelle at:

Organizer: Youth Service Initiative
Doenja diestverlening : jongerecentrum - 11AM Livingstonlaan 1550 closing at heycoplaan