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05 December 2006  - 05 December 2006
"Five Years On: Volunteerism and the People that make it Work"
Sana'a, Yemen
Civil Society Organisations, Government, Educational Institutions, and UN Agencies will all join the IVD celebration to recognize the significant contribution of volunteers in economic and social development of the country.  View event
05 December 2005 
''Piggy banks with a heart" exhibit
Nicosia, Cyprus
One hundred hand-painted piggy banks by children will be on exhibit from 5 December 2005 until 7 January 2006.  View event
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17 December 2005 
'Uniendo Voluntades' en Peru
Callao, Lima, Perú
Celebraremos el día Internacional de los Voluntarios, brindando un emotivo homenaje a los 180 voluntarios locales, que "Uniendo Voluntades" han logrado llevar una sonrisa a muchos hogares al dar su apoyo en la búsqueda de una mejor calidad de vida.   View event
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04 December 2006  - 04 December 2006
Celebració del Dia Internacional del Voluntariat
Barcelona, Spain
El 1985, Nacions Unides va declarar el 5 de desembre com a Dia Internacional del Voluntariat per Desenvolupament Econòmic i Social. Des de llavors, els voltants d'aquest Dia han sigut moments de celebració, trobada, visibilització i reconeixement.  View event
04 December 2006 
Celebration Event for the International Volunteer Day
Nicosia, Cyprus
On Monday 4/12/2006 the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council, the Nicosia District Volunteerism Coordinative Council, the Volunteer Corps and the Nicosia Municipality organised a Celebration Event for the International Volunteer Day.   View event
02 December 2006  - 05 December 2006
Collect some goodies for our volunteers !
Utrecht, Netherlands
On the 5th December every year, the world celebrates the ‘International Day of Volunteers’ and this year, YSI will also be participating.   View event
03 December 2005 
FOCSIV International Volunteer Awards
General Directorate RAII - V.Le Mazzini 14 Sala degli Arazzi Rome, Italy
Every year the Volontari nel mondo - FOCSIV in Italy gives out the  International Volunteer Awards to celebrate International Volunteer Day. The volunteer organization also organizes a round table with volunteers and representatives from non-governmental organizations and the media.   View event
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22 November 2005  - 22 November 2005
Ghana to launch "You can too!" on IVD
Accra, GHANA
International Volunteer Day Committee in Ghana is launching IVD 2005 with the theme "Volunteer for Development - You Can Too!" on Tuesday, 22 November at 10:00 a.m. at the UNDP Conference Room in the capital Accra.  View event
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04 December 2006  - 11 December 2006
Information Campaign on Volunteerism
The Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council launched an information campaign on volunteerism and the Volunteerism Week in Cyprus.  View event
05 December 2005 
IVD 2005 Arts and Music Festival
The UYFI/IVD2005 Festival, offers an excellent opportunity for many young musicians who are looking to make a difference on a local, state, national and global scales; to showcase their talents to potential sponsors and establish themselves.   View event
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