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Tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10)

Volunteering empowers people to take an active part in development, to take responsibility for the needs of others, and to make an impact in their own lives. Volunteering often starts at home: but together, volunteers can change the world.



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These tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10) promotional materials are designed for national and international stakeholders and partners, in addition to UNV Field Units and UNV staff, committed to marking IYV+10 in their respective capacities. Read more
30 June 2011
Un impact sur tout le quartier by Isabelle Blanc
Port-au-Prince, Haiti: A l’aide de jeux éducatifs, les 120 jeunes de l’école « Auberge Fraternité » ont découvert pourquoi il est important de respecter l’environnement.  Read article
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IYV+10 news
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In addition to creating music famous for blending languages and music styles, Manu Chao is also one of the most socially-engaged artists and activists drawing attention to social issues and promoting tolerance and solidarity. (UNV/A. Kapetanovic)
10 April 2011
Activism, solidarity, volunteering at Manu Chao concert by Bojana Batinic and Beta Siebenmann
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: As part of this nine-country Balkan tour, Manu Chao is donating the proceeds from tour merchandise to support local activists and organizations introducing positive changes to society.   Read article
(Left-right) Sushmita Sumbhamphe, 22, who is nine months pregnant, and her mother listen to Chandra Maya, a woman community health volunteer, at their home in Chowkmagu Village in Panchthar District in the remote, mountainous Eastern Region. Chandra holds a chart with the names of all the pregnant women in the village, together with their ages, number of pregnancies and live births, and frequency of their antenatal visits. Sushmita receives regular antenatal check-ups, and has been taking Vitamin A, iron and folic acid supplements. However, she has anaemia and swelling in her limbs. While Chandra has advised an institutional delivery, Sushmita plans to deliver her baby at home with the help of her mother, who has no midwifery experience. They will send for Chandra if complications arise. Chandra is a trained birth assistant, and has conducted over 150 deliveries in the past 14 years. (UNICEF/Anita Khemka)
06 April 2011
Village volunteers and a healthier Nepal 
Kathmandu, Nepal: "In the last 15 years, we have managed to reduce child mortality by two-thirds... it can be credited the role played by the Female Community Health Volunteers."  Read article

More about: Nepal  Gender  Health
The meeting in Quito, organized by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme with the financial support of the White Helmets Commission of Argentina, brings together people from across Latin America: Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay are all represented. (UNV)
29 March 2011
Latin American organizations take common position on volunteering 
Quito, Ecuador: Organizations from across Latin American civil society have agreed to work together on influencing policy and promoting the impact of volunteer work on development.  Read article
Volunteering organizations are gathering in Quito for the first in a series of get-togethers aimed at paving the way for a World Volunteer Coalition.

The Quito meeting aims to start shifting the development debate in Latin America, and will be followed in April and May by further regional consultations in Turkey, the Philippines and Senegal.
28 March 2011
Voluntary sector gathers to boost development debate in Latin America 
Quito, Ecuador: "Volunteering is an essential tool of governance by the people and for the people, a tool for citizens’ participation": Ricardo Carrillo, Under-Secretary of People, Social Movements and Citizen Participation in Ecuador.

Volunteering organizations are currently gathering in Quito for the first in a series of get-togethers aimed at paving the way for a World Volunteer Coalition.  Read article

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Un encuentro que reúne a diferentes entidades involucradas en el voluntariado se celebra hoy en Quito, en el primero de una serie de encuentros para abrir el camino hacia una Coalición Mundial de Voluntariado. El encuentro pretende fortalecer la agenda del voluntariado e impulsar el debate sobre el desarrollo en América Latina. A este le seguirán otros encuentros regionales, en abril y mayo, en Turquía, Filipinas y Senegal.
28 March 2011
Encuentro del sector voluntario impulsa debate sobre desarrollo en América Latina 
Quito, Ecuador: "El voluntariado es una herramienta fundamental de gobierno por y para el pueblo, una herramienta de participación ciudadana," ha dicho Ricardo Carrillo, Viceministro de la Secretaría de Pueblos, Movimientos Sociales y Participación Ciudadana de Ecuador. El encuentro de Quito reúne a diferentes entidades involucradas en el voluntariado para abrir el camino hacia una Coalición Mundial de Voluntariado.   Read article

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26 March 2011
Earth Hour: 26 March 2011 
Global: Here's a simple way we can all volunteer and make a difference - switch off the lights! Earth Hour makes a statement about climate change, and at 8:30pm, lights will switch off around the globe and people will commit to actions that go beyond the hour...   Visit site

More about: Environment
23 March 2011
Water is life by Anna Paolini
Amman, Jordan: Modern environmental activism and awareness is largely the result of the dedication of volunteers, and UNV will be supporting a number of community events such as the activities at Nayfeh throughout 2011 which happens to be the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers.

Indeed, the responsibility in addressing the water scarcity challenge in Jordan rests with all corners of society, from the government to corporations, international organisations and most importantly individual citizens.

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From: Jordan Times, Jordan
More about: Jordan  Environment  MDG 7
21 March 2011
Together, but apart at Japanese refugee centre by Huw Griffith
Rikuzentakata, Japan: The sign on the wall of the school hall that is now home to hundreds of Japan's tsunami homeless reads: "Let's all support each other. One for all and all for one."

The rescue centre at Daiichi middle school in Rikuzentakata is testament to that spirit of standing together in the face of an incomprehensible tragedy. Staffed by 21 volunteers, many of whom lost homes and family members themselves when the devastating power of the sea crashed into the city on Japan's northeast coast, it runs on hope and determination.

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From: AFP
More about: Japan  Emergency relief
18 March 2011
Volunteers have got it licked in Hong Kong 
Hong Kong SAR, China: The Hong Kong Post announced that a set of special stamps on the theme of volunteerism will be released for sale with associated philatelic products on 29 March.  Visit site

12 March 2011
Focus: ‘V’ for ‘Visibility’ in Sri Lanka by Sonia Josserand Mercier, UNV Programme Officer, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka: In Sri Lanka, efforts are underway to ensure the International Year of Volunteers +10 gets all the visibility needed - from online to the cricket creaseline...  Read article

More about: Sri Lanka  Advocacy

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