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Tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10)

Volunteering empowers people to take an active part in development, to take responsibility for the needs of others, and to make an impact in their own lives. Volunteering often starts at home: but together, volunteers can change the world.



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These tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10) promotional materials are designed for national and international stakeholders and partners, in addition to UNV Field Units and UNV staff, committed to marking IYV+10 in their respective capacities. Read more
30 June 2011
Un impact sur tout le quartier by Isabelle Blanc
Port-au-Prince, Haiti: A l’aide de jeux éducatifs, les 120 jeunes de l’école « Auberge Fraternité » ont découvert pourquoi il est important de respecter l’environnement.  Read article
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IYV+10 news
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In Pakistan, UN Volunteer Rizwan Latif (left) talks about women's rights. (W. Anees/UNV)
08 March 2011
Changing men's mindsets on Women's Day 
Uttar Pradesh, India; Islamabad, Pakistan: Harish Chandra Verma, 25, lives in Fatehpur in India's Uttar Pradesh. "Women in our society are the worst sufferers when it comes to gender-based violence," he says. "Women don’t have a right to do what they wish for…” But he feels that projects which use volunteers as advocates for change, are beginning to alter people's mindsets.   Read article

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Monique Coleman, star of the popular Disney franchise 'High School Musical' visited Indonesia on 21-22 February as part of a world tour to promote the International Year of Youth. (UNIC)
26 February 2011
Volunteering goes for a song in Jakarta 
Jakarta, Indonesia: Volunteers in Indonesia had the chance to lay on a real-life 'High School Musical' with the help of actress Monique Coleman. The 30-year-old star of the popular Disney franchise visited Indonesia on 21-22 February as part of a world tour to promote the International Year of Youth.   Read article

“One change I’d like to see is to ensure that volunteering is understood,” said Patrick Karangwa, Executive Director of Parlament Des Jeunes Rwandais (Parliament of Young Rwandans). “People must see that they are contributing to social and economic status on the ground.” (P. Sen/UNV)
23 February 2011
Global voices shared as volunteering entities convene 
Bonn, Germany: The global volunteer community have joined hands for a “north-south-east-west” sharing of experiences.  Read article
18 February 2011
Steps towards World Volunteer Coalition begin in Bonn 
Bonn, Germany: Delegates from five continents will congregate in Bonn this month to prepare the ground for a world coalition of voluntary organizations.  Read article

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04 February 2011
Youth and volunteerism- Not every kid dares 
Port Vila, Vanuatu: The rain hardly stops in Vanuatu. It’s pouring as usual when Jayleen sets out on her daily walk among thatched villages to talk to the local Ni-Van youth face-to-face about HIV and AIDS. She is a Peer Educator who volunteers her time and energy to fight the roots of the disease: ignorance.

Volunteering is perfect for tapping into the idealism and drive of young people, and gives them a real space for participating in community development. This year, 2011, not only marks the International Year of Youth but also the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to put words into action and make the potential of youth a reality.

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From: United Nations
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02 February 2011
Philippines government announces volunteering for MDGs campaign by Philippines Department of Education
Manila, the Philippines: As the Philippines Government beefs up its efforts towards the 2015 Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets, President Benigno S. Aquino III promoted 2011 as the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers in the Philippines.   Visit site
03 December 2010
Media release: Organizations worldwide join efforts to boost volunteerism 
Bonn, Germany: Today, on the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (IVD), international volunteer-based organizations around the world launch a year-long campaign aimed at better understanding, promoting and supporting volunteerism.  Read article

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16 November 2010
EYV 2011 & IYV+10: Working together in 2011  
The tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10) as well as the European Year of Volunteering (EYV 2011) are conceptually linked together and share many of their goals. The EYV has been designated by the European Union following an extensive lobby process from the growing number of European networks active in volunteering that form the EYV 2011 Alliance.   Read article
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26 October 2010
Check out our IYV+10 News Updates!  
The last IYV+10 News Update has just been released, with information on the State of the World’s Volunteerism Report and the results of the IYV+10 Survey on National Committees.  The first version of the News Update includes the IYV+10 Logo, the Vision Statement and Global Call for Action documents, and information on World Volunteer Web and Online Volunteering. The IYV+10 News Updates are designed for national and international stakeholders and partners committed to marking IYV+10 in their respective capacities.  Read article
18 August 2010
IYV+10 Brochure 
The brochure for IYV+10 may be used by stakeholders to promote the year to members and partners. It provides background information on IYV+10, objectives of the year and brief descriptions of some of the ways in which individuals and organizations can get involved in marking IYV+10.  Read article

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