IYV+10 logos

The final version of the IYV+10 logo was created after many rounds of consultation within UNV and with stakeholders. This dark orange logo looks quite like the one used in 2001, but with a change in the shape of the letters inside the UN wreath.

For those who are unable to print in colour, a black and white version is also available in the six official UN languages.

You can use this logo for any events planned to mark IYV+10, as long as it is used within the Terms of Use. Please read these prior to use.

A conscious effort was made to connect this logo to the original one used in 2001 in order to support the premise that IYV+10 will build upon the efforts of 2001, and to stress that this initiative builds on the past. In keeping with the spirit of IYV+10, the logo was developed on a voluntary basis.

Download the logo - as compressed (zipped) files:

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More information on fonts and colours: Visual identity guide [pdf]

This page can found at: http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/iyv-10/resources/logos.html