Speakers' Corner: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I join the World Volunteer Web Speakers' Corner?
Joining the World Volunteer Web Speakers' Corner is very easy! You can fill the subscription form on the site of Dgroups, which is hosting this forum.

Or, you can send a blank email message to:

join-VolunteerWeb AT dgroups.org (replace "AT" with @)

When will I start receiving messages posted to the forum?
In order to keep the forum secure and free from spammers, the sign-up process is not automatic. New members will be approved by the forum administrator. On successful sign-up, you will receive a welcome email message. After that, you will start receiving emails posted to the discussion forum.

Who can join this forum?
This is an open space for debate, so anyone can join. We especially invite those who are active in the volunteer sector in developing countries and communities.

Members of civil society, volunteer-involving organizations, NGOs, youth groups, volunteers, volunteer administrators, trainers, agencies, governments, inter-governmental organizations and the private sector – anyone who desires to make a tangible contribution to the outcome of the discussions – are welcome to join the forum.

Do I have to pay any fees to join the forum?
No, you don't have to pay anything. Participation in the forum is completely free.

How can I send a message to the forum?
You can send messages to the forum from the email account that you used to subscribe. Send the email to VolunteerWeb@dgroups.org. This will send your message to all forum members. If you use a different email address, the forum will not accept your message.

You can also contribute to the discussions after you log into the Dgroups site.

How do I read messages posted to the forum?
Whenever a message is posted to the forum, it is automatically sent to the email inboxes of all members. So you need not access the forum website to read the messages.

However, should you wish to access the archived messages, resources and events added to the forum, you can do so on the forum site on Dgroups. You can also see the members' list and view their profiles if available. You have to log in to the forum site to be able to see the archived messages and member profiles.

How do I log in to the forum on the Web?
You can log in to the forum on its Log-in page on Dgroups. You can also access this page by clicking on the “Login” link on the home page of the discussion forum. Enter your username and password and click on the “Submit” button.

How do I log out of the forum website?
To log out, just click on the “Logoff” link at the right hand top corner on any of the pages on the forum site.

How can I reply to a message?
In the same manner that you reply to any email. Simply click on the “Reply” button on your email program menu and send your message. Please note that this results in your message being posted to the forum which means the message will reach all forum members.

If you want to send a reply or forward a forum message to one or more individuals, but NOT to all members of the forum, then you should put their addresses in place of the forum address.

How can I share a document with the forum members? Can I send it as an attachment?
No. Don't send attachments to the forum, as they're not allowed for security reasons. Instead you can include in your message a link to the resource if it is available on the Web. Or, upload it to the Resources section of the forum site on Dgroups. You can also add documents, web links and news stories to the section and send a notice to the forum members about what you have added.

What's the procedure for adding documents to the forum site?
It's very simple. Log in to the forum site by entering your username and password on the Log-in page. Go to the Resources page. Select "Add document", "Add Link" or "Add News" option, depending on your need. Once inside, you can fill in the necessary information and then click on the "Submit" button. If you're adding a document, you will need to use the "Browse" button to to select the document file from your PC's document folder(s).

How can I view a document on the forum site?
The five most recent documents added to the forum site are listed under “Recent Resources” on the homepage. Click on the title link of any document, and you will reach its page, where you’ll find “download” and “view” options.

You can also access the Resources section from the main navigation menu at the top on all pages. In the Resources section you’ll find all documents, links and news listed, with both “download” and “view” options.

How can I unsubscribe from the forum?
If you want to leave the forum, send a blank message to: leave-VolunteerWeb AT dgroups.org (replace "AT" with @). You will be instantly removed from the forum. You will receive an email confirming that you have been unsubscribed.

How can I contact moderators of the forum?
The World Volunteer Web Speakers' Corner is being moderated by experienced volunteer sector leaders. The moderators will be introduced at the beginning of each thematic session.

If you face subscription problems or need help, please contact the administrator of the forum at

forumadmin AT worldvolunteerweb.org (replace "AT" with @)

This page can found at: http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/join-the-network/discussion-forum/frequently-asked-question.html