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MDGs & volunteerism: Introduction
The combined icon of all MDG icons
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will require the ingenuity, solidarity and creativity of millions of ordinary people through voluntary action. Efforts on the part of national governments, supported by the international community, can only complement what ultimately will depend on the full involvement of people worldwide. Six billion people have something to contribute to these efforts.  

Whether expressed as volunteer service, mutual aid and self-help, campaigning or other forms of voluntary participation, the willingness and ability of citizens to give freely of their time out of a sense of solidarity will have a major influence on the extent to which the MDGs are attained and sustained.  

This section documents how volunteers worldwide are contributing to the achievement of each of the MDG goals. 

The Millennium Development Goals summarize the development goals agreed on at international conferences and world summits during the 1990s. At the end of the decade, world leaders distilled the key goals and targets in the Millennium Declaration (September 2000).

Based on the declaration, international development agencies, led by United Nations agencies and programmes, have agreed on a concise set of goals, numerical targets and quantifiable indicators to assess progress. The new set is known as the Millennium Development Goals, which includes 8 goals, 18 targets and over 40 indicators.  

20 December 2012
UN Resolution 67/138: Integrating volunteering in the next decade 
New York, USA: The UN General Assembly adopted the Resolution on "Integrating Volunteering in the Next Decade", which was co-facilitated by Brazil and Japan.    Read article

15 March 2007
Volunteer for the 'historic climate march' 
Smoke rises from chimneys at a Paris factory. .(AFP/File/Joel Saget)
Make history! Volunteer for Christian Aid's 11-week, 1,000-mile march for climate justice, from Northern Ireland to London on 14 July 2007. The organization is urging the government to cut the country's carbon emission by 5 per cent.  Read article
28 April 2006
Walk the World to fight hunger 
On 21 May 2006, tens of thousands of people around the world will walk to help end child hunger. We believe child hunger can be ended by 2015. If you do too, then join the UN World Food Programme’s Walk the World. Together, we’ll play a key role in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.   Read article
About MDG icons
Originally developed by the MDGs Campaign in Brazil, these MDG icons are available for use in campaigns at national and global levels. We encourage you to download the high-quality images (.zip file) of these icons and use them in your own MDG-related campaigns.