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21 May 2006 
Walk the World 2006
Join the United Nations World Food Programme and tens of thousands of individuals around the world to help end child hunger. Together, we'll play a key role in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

When you sign up to participate in what will be the world's largest humanitarian event, you are lending your voice to a growing chorus of citizens all over the world who believe that a world with hungry children is a world that must be changed.

In 2005, with just a few months’ preparation, over 200,000 people in 91 countries and 266 cities walked the world on 12 June. These dedicated citizens raised US$1.5 million, and as a result, helped to feed over 70,000 children. In 2006 this campaign aims to have more than 750,000 walkers and raise US$5 million.

Organizer: World Food Programme

From: World Food Programme