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MDG 8: Global partnership for development - Related events
13 August 2008
Unite For Sight 6th Global Health Conference 
New Haven, Connecticut, USA: Unite For Sight's conference convenes a committed vanguard of thousands from more than 60 countries. The conference challenges students, professionals, educators, doctors, scientists, lawyers, universities, corporations, nonprofits, and others, to develop innovative solutions to achieve global goals.  View event
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16 February 2006
Dia Global do Voluntariado Jovem 2006 - Participe! 
Já foi dada a largada para o início das ações que irão fazer parte do Dia Global do Voluntariado Jovem 2006. No Brasil e em todo o mundo, jovens realizarão ações positivas, visando a transformação social em áreas como: fome, educação, igualdade entre os sexos, mortalidade infantil, saúde das gestantes, combate a doenças, respeito ao meio ambiente e parcerias para o desenvolvimento.   View event
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13 September 2005
10th IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference  by World Volunteer Web User
Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) will host the 10th IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference in Hong Kong from 7-9 November 2005. The Conference themed “Volunteerism – A Driving Force for Community Building” offers a platform for policy makers, volunteers,  to share experiences, build capacities and learn from volunteer leaders worldwide.   View event
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13 September 2005
Making the most of Employee Volunteering  by World Volunteer Web User
This unique conference is set to be one of the highlights of the Year of the Volunteer and will provide one of this year's premier forums on employee community involvement.  View event
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Launch of the UNDAF in December 2006 
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