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Volunteer for the 'historic climate march'
15 March 2007

Smoke rises from chimneys at a Paris factory. .(AFP/File/Joel Saget)Smoke rises from chimneys at a Paris factory. .(AFP/File/Joel Saget)
UK-based charity Christian Aid is looking for volunteers to join the longest ever protest march in UK history. The charity is scouring churches and communities throughout the country  to look for people who will put their best foot forward for the first ever mass march for climate justice this summer.

Hundreds of marchers are needed to join parts of the eleven-week, 1000-mile ‘Cut the Carbon’ march, including 10 core marchers who will walk the whole route. They will join campaigners from the developing world to protest against the scandalous injustice that poor peoples’ lives are being wrecked by dangerous greenhouse gas emissions pumped into the atmosphere by the rich world.

Cut the Carbon will be in the tradition of marching against injustice that informed both the Jarrow March for jobs in 1936 and the Nelson Mandela freedom march in 1988.

Beginning in Northern Ireland on the 14 July 2007, it will pass through Scotland, England and Wales and arrive in London via Bournemouth and the Labour Party conference eleven weeks later.

‘Climate change is the most serious threat to the future of all of us, but the shocking truth is that it’s poor people in the developing world who are already on the frontline of climate chaos,’ said Paul Brannen, head of campaigns at Christian Aid. ‘We have a moral duty to stop this now and where better to start than at home?’