New US programme to reward volunteers round the year
03 May 2006

Union Bay, B.C., USA: As Volunteer Appreciation Month draws to a close, Incentive Depot, a performance improvement company specializing in corporate reward and recognition programmes, urges volunteer organizations to recognize personal contribution year round.

To assist registered charities to achieve this challenge, Incentive Depot has announced two new programmes that it will donate to qualifying organizations in the United States. Valued at nearly $150,000, it not only provides a unique way to raise much-needed funds but also enables charities to draw on Incentive Depot's extensive resources to recognize and reward those critical to their success.

American charities with a national presence and a base of 500 or more volunteers can apply for one of the two Incentive Depot Charitable Donation Packages that include a Volunteer Appreciation Recognition Programme (VARP) and a Fundraising Store.

Built on Incentive Depot's proprietary web-based reward and recognition software, the VARP includes a Recognition module where volunteers can recognize their peers for a job well done and specified administrators can recognize and reward deserving individuals. Both types of recognition result in a charity branded, customized certificate being created for printing and/or emailing to the recipient. For volunteers that receive points for their efforts, they can redeem them for brand name products in the awards catalogue.

The second component of this package is a web-based fundraising store where supporters can shop with partial proceeds going to the charity.

Carol Wain, president of Incentive Depot, explains the company's offer: "We've had an amazing year and are eager to give back and support charitable organizations. It occurred to us that we could have a greater impact and help more charities by using our software, staff and rewards on an ongoing basis than contribute a small amount of money to 3 or 4 charities a year, and so the idea was born. We can now provide the tools and expertise to assist these great charities and, in turn, they can recognize those who are crucial to their success and raise much needed funds at the same time."

For 10 regional or local charities that qualify, Incentive Depot will provide either the Fundraising Store or a VARP. Applications and more information can be found on the Incentive Depot website at Applications will be accepted until July 1st, with an expected launch date in August.

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