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Etre bénévole, c'est s'engager pour la société et sortir de son trou.
06 December 2008
Le 5 décembre, la journée mondiale du volontariat plongée au cœur de l’univers «non profit». 
Il y aurait 140 millions de personnes en moins sur la planète, l'économie mondiale perdrait 400 millions de dollars, le PIB diminuerait de 3 à 7 % et des millions d'employés du secteur tertiaire perdraient leur travail… Les bénévoles : le 5 décembre, ont fêté leur journée mondiale.Ce serait probablement un monde plus triste où le chacun pour soi et le règne de l'argent primerait sur tout. Bien qu'étant un phénomène social économique et humain très important, le volontariat est souvent peu considéré par le public et les politiciens.   Read article
09 October 2008
Rain in Rio: Sharing ideas on corporate volunteering by Sarah Hayes, Consultant Director of IAVE Global Corporate Volunteer Council
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A little rain in Rio couldn’t stop representatives from seven international companies from sharing good practice, brainstorming new ideas for collaboration in the years ahead, and supporting one another’s volunteer programme goals.  Read article
15 September 2008
A Global Health Corps: A win-win proposition? by Mead Over
Washington DC, USA: Center for Global Development senior fellow Mead Over thinks there's more that Americans can do overseas. Modelled on the Peace Corps, the Global Health Corps would provide young American doctors and nurses to help strengthen weak health systems.  Visit site
12 September 2008
Image problem turns recruits away 
Despite heavy investment from the government and the sector, charities are still struggling to recruit volunteers. An independent inquiry into young adult volunteering in the UK, published in June, advised that greater recognition of volunteering as a legitimate job-seeking activity is needed, along with better support from the business community.   Visit site

From: The Guardian, UK
04 September 2008
Getting satisfaction from fundraising jobs by Mike Selvon
There is more and more evidence all the time that people around the world are becoming more giving and charitable and have a greater interest in supporting a variety of voluntary charity groups in all parts of the globe. Because of this, fundraising jobs in non-profit organizations are more available than ever and this is turning into a specialized career category unto itself.  Read article

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