African wildlife beckons adventurous volunteers
18 February 2004

Oxford: Earthwatch, the international environmental organization, is calling for volunteers to take part in its new "Namibian Black Rhino project" to help save this species from extinction. 

Dr. Stephane Helary, wildlife veterinarian, will lead a team of volunteers to investigate the diet and food preferences of rhinos in specific seasons. The volunteers will be required to follow the animals with an experienced tracker to document which plants they eat and how much. The findings will be used to assist in selecting new habitats for the rhinos.

Claudia Eckardt, Volunteer Programme Manager at Earthwatch, said, "This project is a fantastic opportunity for people to not only explore Africa but to also help preserve one of its most outstanding species. Volunteers will work hard in the field but the reward of experiencing a full complement of African wildlife, from giraffes to as many as 200 species of birds, will make it all worthwhile".

Earthwatch Institute supports scientific field research through public participation. Since 1971 the worldwide organization has recruited over 65,000 volunteers in support of 2,800 field research projects in 118 countries. These volunteers have contributed over 10 million hours to essential field work.

Earthwatch Institute (Europe) is the European affiliate of Earthwatch Institute, which is based in the USA and was founded in Boston in 1971. Other affiliate offices in the Earthwatch Institute network are based in Australia and Japan.

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