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Permaculture Action Asia (Philippines) 
Permaculture Action Asia is a non-profit NGO focused on permaculture. Permaculture is a design system aiming at creating sustainable human environments. The organization provides free permaculture education, permaculture consultancy and reforestation services using permaculture principles for clients around Asia and the Pacific.  Visit site
Points of Light Foundation 
The Points of Light Foundation engages and mobilizes millions of volunteers in the USA through a partnership with the Volunteer Center National Network. Some programmes of the network include national websites providing volunteers with a direct connection to local volunteer opportunities. There are also resources for parents, teachers, and community leaders who want to engage families in volunteer activities.  Visit site
Prince's Charities 
A group of not-for-profit organizations of which The Prince of Wales is President: 18 of the 20 charities were founded personally by The Prince.The group is the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the United Kingdom, raising over £100 million annually.  Visit site
ProFauna Indonesia 
ProFauna Indonesia offers volunteering opportunities to anyone interested. The activities in the organization's projects range from education of wildlife conservation to public camapign and awareness programmes.  Visit site
Progressive Volunteers (PV) 
Progressive Volunteers (PV) is a community based organization focused on strengthening a wide and comitted volunteering network in Kenya. PV is contributing to social and economic development throughout the country by organizing volunteers and by promoting community development initiatives.   Visit site
Projects Abroad 
Projects Abroad sends volunteers abroad to 20 countries to do 150 different internships and service projects. Founded in 1992, we have grown to a team of 200 people around the world that sends 3000 volunteers annually. Volunteers can go at any time, for as long as they wish. Our most popular programs include: medical and nursing placements, childcare and teaching projects, as well as business and journalism internships.  Visit site
ProWorld Service Corps  
The mission of ProWorld is to promote social and economic development, empower communities, and cultivate educated compassionate global citizens. ProWorld offers 2-26 week internship, volunteer, and study abroad programs in Latin America. All programs are based on hands-on community-driven development projects. Make a difference, and join ProWorld.  Visit site
Push International 
Push International is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide mobility and facilitate sustainable development in the disabled community inside the countries where the organization works. Push International desires to give wheelchairs to people with disabilities who are the poorest of the poor. Furthermore, it hosts wheelchair maneuvering skills clinics, teaches personal care skills, education, job skills and sports.  Visit site
Restless Development 
Restless Development is a global leader in youth-led development with the global mission of placing young people at the forefront of change and development. SPW works in 8 countries across Africa and Asia, and in Australia and the UK.  Visit site
Richbone Initiative Foundation 
Richbone Initiative Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers help and educational support to underpriviledged children and youth in Ghana. Volunteers work in rural parts of the country to improve the quality of life of local communities and their children.  Visit site

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