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30 March 2012
fred test 
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19 January 2011
Falling in love with the rainforest 
Puerto Rico: Thousands of kilometres from home, with hardly any mobile phone signal or Internet connection, Jessica Cheam is one of 13 volunteers in Puerto Rico at a 30-years ongoing project called Las Casas de le Selva. In an area spanning 405 hectares of rainforest, she and her colleagues help scientists carry out research on how to sustainably harvest forests and measure the impact of such activities on biodiversity.  Visit site

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14 April 2009
'Spring Goodwill Week' in Kazakhstan by Svetlana Gladisheva
Pavlodar, Kazakhstan: "By making good things, you add to the world’s goodwill box one important thing, two sincere smiles and endless belief in humanity."  Read article

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