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Helping orphanages, half way houses in Lesotho
25 November 2005, 16:57

Under the leadership of Lesotho National Volunteer Commission, a small group of volunteer groups have taken the initiative to celebrate the International Volunteers Day by carrying these activities:
  • In a temporary home for abused and abandoned children (Lesotho Save the Children) volunteers will clean and paint an old kitchen and turn it into a playroom for the children. Volunteers will also clean up the surroundings.
  • In a home for physically disabled children (St. Angela) volunteers will establish keyhole gardens on a garden plot behind the home. Keyhole gardens has proved to be a very successful gardening technique especially suitable for smaller/urban gardens as well as gardens tended to by children.
  • Volunteers will also establish a compost and will plant trees, including
    fruit trees on the area.

Volunteers will also lend a hand to a support group working with people living with HIV and AIDS.

More than 15 volunteer organizations are invited to participate in the event.  Each of the organizations will be represented by a select number of volunteers.

After the activities the volunteers will all meet at Lesotho Save the Children, where a short ceremony will take place followed by a lunch for the volunteers, special invited guests and the children of the home. Volunteer representatives, the UNV PO and the Minister of Youth, Gender and Sports will do short speeches during the ceremony.

Best regards,

Sara Viskum
UNV Programme Officer
UNDP - Lesotho
UN House, United Nations Road
P.O. Box 301, Maseru 100