IVD campaign to rope in govt support in Bhutan
03 November 2005, 18:45
by Ilona Maria Leskinen

We have had several ideas for the IVD activities this year, but we have now agreed with the group that we will organise a semi-official launching of the VIB calendar and a photo exhibition, based on the pictures from the photo competition. There was a common desire to make the 2005 IVD as visible and interesting to as many parties as possible.

As it has been highlighted many times that the Royal Government’s support to Volunteerism here in Bhutan is not adequate and that there is a need to convince and assure them on the importance of the issue, it was suggested that this year’s IVD should also be more high-level than in the previous years and addressed primarily to the Government Departments. So we discussed about the possibility of organising a IVD conference and a guest of honour with sufficient volunteer spirit and credibility should be invited, although the identity of the chief guest has not been decided. It’s very likely that the MDG and volunteerism will be incorporated into the IVD activities.

Ilona Maria Leskinen
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UNDP Office - Bhutan
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