Preventing dengue, facilitating dialogue in Indonesia
25 November 2005, 16:27

I am writing with regards to the upcoming International Volunteer Day and other activities related to volunteering that will take place in December. I have attached a brief report on activities planned and you are welcome to participate.
Firstly you will see that in 4 December there is an action-orientated activity to help prevent dengue fever in a region of Jakarta. Plans are in the final stages for this activity and it does include the mobilization of a large number of volunteers.  Originally it was planned for Monday, 5 December, but it had to be changed as the community felt it could not mobilize enough people on a Monday. Possibly public figures such as Nurul Arifin, and Farida Pasha will attend.

The plan is to have 30 facilitators and 90 volunteers. Each facilitator will be responsible for a small group of volunteers in a different region of Sungai Ciliwung Jakarta Timur. The action in essence is to organize a general clean-up and educate the community on dengue prevention.

If you are happy to help out and be a UN Volunteer facilitator for a day (a Sunday) please let me know by Monday 28th November. I am afraid fluent Bahasa is needed for the facilitators as they will direct a group of volunteers that won’t necessarily speak English. Being a facilitator will entail some pre-training from the Ministry of Health through the Department of Dengue Fever Prevention. Initially this was thought to need half a day, but it might be done prior to the event earlier in the morning. This has not been finalized but I hope at the meeting I have today a decision will be reached that I will communicate to people who are interested in joining in. Beyond this training no specific knowledge is required. All in UN agencies are welcome to volunteer if they are interested so I hope you might pass on this information to staff that might not be on this mailing list.

In the afternoon of 5th December you will see a public dialogue on volunteering is planned. As part of this it is hoped that organizations that use volunteers submit an “X-banner” illustrating the work contributed by volunteers to their organization. Other UN agencies have been informed of this event and I hope they will participate. I am working on two banners for UNDP/UNV – one that illustrates this UNV’s work in Aceh and the other that illustrates the role of volunteers in our work outside this region. Please let me know if you would like to attend this function, although seats are limited. This dialogue will be in Bahasa, but there are plans to have a translation service.
The talk show is still really under discussion. It looks very much like it will go ahead but negotiations have not been finalized as yet. There are also plans for a television interview in English, with one National Volunteer and one International Volunteer. I will let you know when and if this is finalized.
There was a planned activity scheduled for mid-December that had to be abandoned as our planned venue told us out the blue our booking couldn’t be honoured.  An alternative activity may take place mid-December and I will keep you updated if and when the plans become finalized.
Many thanks for your co-operation and best wishes.
Paul Wilson
UNV Programme Officer

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