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'Wake-up' Show planned in Albania for IVD
03 November 2005, 16:50
by Manuel Brakaj

Since some days our Team is working on the IVD activities. It started with a meeting of Volunteers (IUNV and NUNV), to get their idea/feedback on what would be some activities of interest for this Day. After this meeting I had several meetings with different representatives from Volunteer Based Organizations and state institutions dealing with volunteers and volunteerism such as: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Municipality of Tirana, Albanian Red Cross, etc etc. and UN Agencies as well.

Based on the above we all agreed to do/implement the IVD activities listed below.

Volunteers Award Ceremony
: (Best Female Volunteer, Best Male Volunteer, Best Expert Volunteer, Best Volunteer Organization, Best Independent Volunteer Group)
Law on Volunteerism: Mid-November a roundtable among all interested counterparts on the Albanian Law on Volunteerism
UNV Posters: Production of posters for promoting Albanians to apply for International Roster
Awareness Campaign on High Schools/Universities of Tirana regarding IVD
Planting of Trees
“Wake-Up” Show: Two volunteers (one Albanian and one foreigner) are interviewed on TV show on volunteer issues in Albania
Flyers on Volunteerism
Launching of the publication Partnership Against Poverty

Fair on Volunteerism
MDG Message screening
: MDG spots and other documentaries to be shown at the big screen in front of pyramid.

At this stage we are detailing and preparing the budget for each of the activities. Once I will have a more detailed plan of activities I will provide it to you.
Looking forward to your feedback/comments/ideas,

Manuel Brakaj
UNV Country Operations Assistant
UNV/UNDP "Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit",
Vila 35, Tirana, Albania