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22 November 2005, 11:56
Calling all Kosovo volunteers, IVD is here by Daniela Tarizzo
This year, to celebrate International Volunteer Day, we are organizing a week-long series of activities aimed at informing, communicating and sensitizing the civil society about what we have been able to realize in Kosovo in 2005 thanks to the contribution of all who have voluntarily joined our initiatives.   Read entry
16 November 2005, 15:39
Ireland releases guides on volunteering by Volunteer Centres Ireland
For IVD 2005, Volunteer Centres Ireland, the national co-ordinating body of  volunteer centres, will launch a series of guides to volunteering on 5 December in Dublin, Ireland.  Read entry
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14 November 2005, 17:21
Kazakhstan election delays IVD by Elvira Sheikhova
I would also like to inform you that until this year we used to have a committee that involved different local volunteer-involving organizations and government representatives in organizing the event at the country level.   Read entry
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09 November 2005, 15:35
Big rally, book launching in Nepal by Beatriz Cook
Launching and distribution of "UNV in Nepal Booklet" and December 05 will also be used as a prelude or a "kick-off" day for the "International Workshop on Volunteerism" which we are planning for late February or early March 2006.  Read entry
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03 November 2005, 18:56
Three-day IVD campaign planned in Cameroon by Sylvie Dzou Essola
We have started the preparation of the IVD 2005. We had a meeting on Monday, 31 October 2005 with volunteer organisations in Cameroon.  Read entry
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03 November 2005, 18:45
IVD campaign to rope in govt support in Bhutan by Ilona Maria Leskinen
We have had several ideas for the IVD activities this year, but we have now agreed with the group that we will organise a semi-official launching of the VIB calendar and a photo exhibition, based on the pictures from the photo competition.  Read entry
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03 November 2005, 18:20
Any best practices in doing V-Expo? by Hugh Salmon
We currently are planning a 'V-Expo' in the capital Bishkek, with as many local volunteer involving organizations represented as possible.  Read entry
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03 November 2005, 18:08
Songs, dances, testimonies by volunteers in Cambodia by Ruby Banez
We have started preparations since last month for this year's IVD celebration in Cambodia.   Read entry
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03 November 2005, 16:50
'Wake-up' Show planned in Albania for IVD by Manuel Brakaj
Since some days our Team is working on the IVD activities. It started with a meeting of Volunteers (IUNV and NUNV), to get their idea/feedback on what would be some activities of interest for this Day.   Read entry
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03 November 2005, 16:17
Local activities in New Zealand by Tim Burns
This year for IV Day we are encouraging a lot of local activity and with the assistance of the Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector (a Government agency) an electronic toolkit has been produced to assist organisations with their promotional programmes.   Read entry
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