Renewing the Argentinian spirit
19 December 2006, 11:27
by Carlos E. Zaballa

Buenos Aires, Argentina: I would like to inform you that the IVD celebration was a real successful in Argentina. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Presidential Chief of Cabinet and the President of White Helmets Commission, among other high level authorities, spoke to 1,500 volunteers there, and other organizations participated during the meeting (i.e., the ICRC General Director for the South Cone, the President of Catholic Charity and the Executive Director of Scouts Argentina).

A message specially sent by Ad de Raad was read for a White Helmets Commission Board member and was well-received by the volunteers.

Recognitions and awards to the volunteers, a musical show and young people, made the IVD a funny celebration, renewing once again the Argentinean spirit.

Best and warm regards,

Carlos E. Zaballa

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