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Stryk it!
About me: Introduce yourself, the editor says. Well, that's easy -- if I'm meant to bore the readers. There's nothing exciting about me. I'm not a globetrotting UN employee. I sit in a little corner office facing the Rhine River in Bonn, Germany and spend most of my working hours facing the monitor, researching, editing and writing articles and their abstracts for this site. The other part of the daily grind is arguing with my editor which mistakes I made while my mind races on how to justify them.

My work though is less bland -- bringing articles, resources and issues on volunteering to the fore - hoping to catch readers' attention, more so, stimulate and inspire them to take action, to volunteer. And this blog is no different. So, go on...don't be and Stryk it! 

10 July 2006, 17:15
How do I volunteer? Myths about the World Volunteer Web by Marybelle Stryk
We are bombarded daily by the wrong questions and comments. I see this as a waste of time for our readers, writing an email that will never get the right answer. I know it's partly our fault that we're perceived by our readers differently from what we think who we are really. So, here are some myths, inspired by readers' comments and emails, that I wish to address. It may help us answer the existential question -- "Who are we?" "What do you want us to be?" But keep the (right) questions & comments coming!  Read entry
From: Stryk it!
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Irish U2 lead singer and anti-poverty campaigner Bono pauses while on a visit to Ido primary school in Nigeria's capital Abuja, May 22, 2006, during a six-nation tour of Africa. (Reuters/Afolabi Sotunde)
22 May 2006, 11:31
Is this the new face of altruism? by Marybelle Stryk
I don't know if it's only me but lately there seems to be a bombardment of celebrities supporting some worthy cause. The deluge must have started when U2's Bono & Bob Geldof invited hundreds of artists to perform at the G8 concert last year. Then there's Angelina Jolie, and her equally famous partner Brad Pitt, attending the recent global economic summit and fighting for human rights. Australian actress Nicole Kidman supporting women's rights and gender equality through UNIFEM and her best friend actress Naomi Watts joined in by taking up HIV/AIDS issues with UNAIDS Read entry
From: Stryk it!
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