My views on international volunteering
10 March 2006, 16:25
by Randolf


It was with profound pleasure with which I read through your web site. As a matter of fact when I went through the articles trying to justify the world's millennium goals, I only felt it being very hypocritical. My personal observations tells me that the co-ordinators of volunteer programmes do well to discourage lots of people in developing countries from applying or succeeding in rendering their services.

It may sound funny that I am complaining. I was interested but have been discouraged. I have the talents, skills and the knowledge; both theory and practice. How was I discouraged? The co-ordinators believed that we in the developed countries, when we talk of volunteering, our services, we are looking for employment. If I may let you know, we are just waiting to heed to the call to humanity. Nothing short of that.

I don't know whether this complaint is in the right quarters, if not do me a favour to forward it to the right one. You may as well let me know if I am wrong in my assessments.

This moment I may only contribute in writing as a third world citizen.

Yours sincerely,


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