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Tree planting at the Lagud Village Learning Inn in Barangay Uhaj, Banaue. Eloisa Romero from JICA (wearing black, on the left) and Jephonie Himiwat (right) attend. (JICA)
16 July 2008, 05:45
A diploma for a rice cooker by Eloisa Romero, JICA NGO Desk Local Coordinator
In the Philippines, two Japanese volunteers help send young Ifugao people to school and, in the process, learn to cook rice without a rice cooker...

Jephonie Himmiwat is an Ifugao, one of the indigenous people in the northern Philippines. Her people and their land are inseparable, thus both are called by the same name, Ifugao. 

In Japan, two women enjoyed a very different upbringing. Twenty-three-year-old Kiyoko Okamoto spent four years as staff at the Mister Donut chain while she was studying international economics in the city of Fukuoka. Thirty-year-old Kozue Kamijo worked part-time in a restaurant while attending a business school in the Japanese capital.

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03 May 2008, 17:16
Give Time Together blog 
Travel corporation Sabre Holdings is in its third year of hosting a global volunteer week. It offers a public blog for its 9,000 employees around the world to share their volunteer experiences.

"We find the stories very moving and real with photos to emphasize the reality of their impact," says Carrie Mamantov, Social Responsibility Program Architect at Sabre. "We even do a contest of sorts for employees to vote on their favorite entry and then give that office some donation money to give back to the charity they helped."

View the blog here - givetimetogether.sabre.com

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07 January 2008, 23:51
KathmanJew: Volunteering in Fair Trade by Navonel Glick
"Your plan is upside down. Just donate a couple of dollars a month to a [charitable] organization," said the Bangladeshi owner of my local Internet cafe, when he heard I was abandoning my university studies to volunteer in Nepal.  Read entry

Volunteers extracting a boat in Thailand. (Mike Morris, 2007)
02 March 2007, 14:30
Making a difference by Mike Morris
Please volunteer, writes Mike Morris, it's one of the most rewarding things you may do in your life.  Read entry

Notebook, skype, webcam and speakers: the equipment for virtual school volunteering.
22 February 2007, 16:55
The Future Wave of School Volunteerism: Be the Textbook by Vicki A. Davis
One teacher in the United States blogs about her visions of getting corporate execs and experts in their fields to be “virtual volunteers” by using what is slowly becoming everyday computer technology.  Read entry

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