Afghan children fly kites to end poverty
21 September 2005

Kabul, Afghanistan: In the run up to the United Nations World Summit in New York, Afghan children raised their voices demanding world leaders take real steps to reduce poverty.

Hundreds of white kites flew above Kabul on 13 September, to bring key development messages to world leaders. The future leaders of the country - Afghan children - took part in the event which is aligned to the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP).

In Kabul, over 200 children from local NGO ASCIANA, highlighted the need for world leaders to continue to assist Afghanistan’s plight. To ensure they and their children have greater access to education, health facilities and are free of poverty. This was replicated in Jalalabad (in the east of the country) where 150 children took part in GCAP events, thanks to Swedish Committee Afghanistan.

The event was organised by a coalition of NGO’s and NGO coordinating bodies, and financially supported by Oxfam UK. Anja de Beer, Director of NGO coordinating body ACBAR, who helped to organize the event said “This is the first time Afghanistan has been linked to such an event, and it is proof that the country is keen to be a part of initiatives by the international community to end poverty.”

Hamid Jalil from local NGO Sanayee Development Foundation added “But at the same time it is important that the international community does not forget Afghanistan in the future. It is the responsibility of world leaders to ensure that Afghanistan is not burdened by too much debt, is receiving real aid and is not hampered by unfair trade rules.”

This kite flying day is linked to actions right around the world, as a part of the GCAP campaign. In early September people in 74 countries have organized ‘wake up’ events to pressure their leaders to put poverty at the top of the agenda when they leave for the UN World Summit in New York.

The local kite flying area in Kabul was a wonderful sight on Tuesday, with the children of Afghanistan adding their voice to a global campaign to end poverty.” Said Sultan Fazal of Christian Aid.

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