Africa launches regional volunteer network
03 March 2007
by Vincent Orute

Arusha, Tanzania: Volunteer Network Africa, whose African office is in Nairobi, Kenya and Europe office is in the UK, has been launched in Arusha.

The network specializes in sending volunteers to schools, colleges, hospitals, church organizations and community development projects.
According to Africa's director of operations, Vincent Orute, Volunteer network Africa's ultimate goal in all the countries in which it operates is simply to provide volunteer work.

"We are eyeing everybody who wants to volunteer and once we positively identify potential volunteers, our next step is to match their skills with the available volunteer opportunities that are currently on offer," Orute said,

" We are also eying everybody who wants to volunteer to teach Kiswahili to our volunteers especially those from abroad for whom a working knowledge of Kiswahili is quite essential. We are much more focused and much more interested in volunteerism," he added.

The network is currently recruiting volunteers to work in various community development projects in East Africa i.e. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi to teach foreign languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian in schools and vocational training colleges.

It is also recruiting volunteers to carry out HIV/AIDS awareness campaign and to work at various non-governmental organizations in East Africa especially those that work with children, women, the youth, the elderly and disabled members of society.

Volunteer network Africa's UK office is under the leadership of Peter Hellyer who is UK's director operations. Hellyer first came to Africa in 2002 and volunteered recently at Babati High School in Manyara region of northern Tanzania as part of a project to deliver Information and communication Technology to local Schools.

"I have spoken to many Tanzanians both at home and abroad and I have read several letters from them about how much they appreciate what we have been doing to assist rural communities of Africa,"Hellyer said.


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