Book to encourage volunteering spirit in children
14 July 2005

The third series of the "Super Volunteers Club Mysteries", books designed to encourage children to volunteer.The third series of the "Super Volunteers Club Mysteries", books designed to encourage children to volunteer.
New York, USA: “Let’s not underestimate our children,” is a constant cry from teachers and other pre-teen leaders everywhere when it comes to helping the community. These leaders know that the benefits of children as volunteers is returned tenfold to the young volunteers themselves. The value of the self-esteem alone that they experience cannot be measured.

The Super Volunteers Club Mysteries is a series designed for 8- to 12-year-olds. Each book has a dual theme and involves the four main characters in a mystery as they go about their volunteer assignments. The young sleuths represent three ethnic groups and the handicapped, and each story introduces new character so that other groups and nations can be included as the series progresses.

The current book, eighth in the series, is entitled, “Ginger and the ‘Big Apple’ Rescue.” The first third of the book is like “a walking tour of New York City” for children. It takes in some of the major landmarks, which are described from a child’s perspective. Since the book was conceived before the World Trade Center tragedy, the children also describe a visit to one of the Towers. The latter two-thirds of the book involves the children in a mystery involving an endangered animal smuggled into the United States for profit from Colombia, South America.

Many entities have been involved in assuring that the facts about New York and about endangered animals are correct. The Mayor, the Central Park Zoo Director, the Associated Press, the Port Authority, and dozens of other leaders of major organizations and agencies in and around New York have come together to make this book a memorable one for children. These entities are listed in the book’s acknowledgments. Their time and effort in authenticating the facts is another way of showing children that adults care about them.

“What a wonderful book you have written,” is one of the many positive statements made by adults who have volunteered to serve as manuscript readers. This particular quote comes from the Associate Director of the Central Park Zoo. We believe this book will provide a magical tour for all children who have wondered about one of the most famous cities in the world, and a fun and thrilling learning experience for children who love animals - especially those that are becoming extinct.

As a special tribute to the children of the world, all postage charges will be paid by Hug-A-Book, an organization devoted to providing “edutainment” for children in their reading materials.. The book’s cost is $14.95 and can be ordered from: Hug-A-Book, Inc., Post Office Box 111, Glen Lyon, Pennsylvania, 18617-0111, USA.

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