Fiji Minister says volunteer service is affordable
21 February 2005

Suva: Establishing an emergency management volunteer service will not be costly for the government, says Fiji Home Affairs Minister Josefa Vosanibola.

His comment comes after Cabinet approved the establishment of an emergency management volunteer service to deal with managing emergency work.

Mr Vosanibola said on Friday the establishment of the service would be of minimum cost to the Government.

"It will be of minimum cost to government because we are going to look to non-governmental organisations to help in its funding," he said.

Mr Vosanibola said the proposed emergency service would be established in each division around the country and each unit would have a series of teams.

He said the service would be activated to assist emergency response agencies like the Fiji Police Force and the National Fire Authority during disasters.

"The personnel will only be required to assist in areas in which they have received training," the minister said.

"Assistance provided to authorities in search and rescue will only be at the specific request of those authorities. The service will come under the control of the National Disaster Management Office director to assist the community in preparing for and in dealing with the consequences of natural and man made disasters."

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