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Millions of young Vietnamese volunteers in action
10 July 2003

Ha Noi: Millions of young volunteers took part in this year’s volunteer summer campaign initiated by the HCM Communist Youth Union Central Committee.

The campaign, running from 1 June until 31 August, cares for needy children in remote areas, ensures traffic safety, helps students with high school examinations and assists in the preparation for the 22nd South East Asian Games.

Over the last few days, millions of examinees and their parents have poured into examination sites, resulting in a traffic overload. In an effort to ease traffic congestion, volunteer students have been mobilized to help traffic police ensure traffic order and safety during the two phases of exams. They have also helped candidates find their way to the nearest bus stations, or to track down accommodation.

In the capital Ha Noi, more than 5,000 volunteers have spread out to every corner of the city. In the middle of Hanoi’s wild traffic, volunteers held hands to create human lines, directing vehicles into the right lanes so as to prevent congestion.

Volunteers have been offering similar services to examinees in Ho Chi Minh City. The Chairperson of the City’s Students’ Association, Tat Thanh Cang said, "This is a really helpful and important service. The Youth Union has been successful in asking some families to offer free accommodation for examinees and even the use of their vehicles to take examinees to exam locations. Volunteers have helped examinees complete administrative procedures and overcome the difficulties they face when coming into a new environment."

Last year, youth volunteer campaigns attracted over 4 million youngsters, including 900 foreign students from Australia, China, Canada, France, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and the US.

Source: VOV News, 8 July