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NetAid launches poverty awareness training for youth
22 November 2004

New York: NetAid announces the launch of the Global Citizen Corps (GCC), a new programme which gives young leaders in the US the training and resources to raise awareness and take action in the fight against poverty.

GCC Leaders come from diverse backgrounds, but are united by their passion and commitment to ending global poverty.

The program will kick-off with a day-long orientation on 20 November at NetAid’s office in New York City. Throughout the day, students will engage in a series of workshops designed to deepen their understanding of global poverty and help them prepare action plans for the first Global Action Day at their schools, which will be World AIDS Day, 1 December.

Twenty-two outstanding GCC Leaders have been selected from high schools in New York City and the northeast of the country to participate in the GCC pilot. Additional students from Georgia to Hawaii will take part in a GCC Field Correspondent programme, setting the stage for national expansion beginning next school year.

GCC Field Correspondents will be supported by an online community and will receive Global Action Day resources and activity packs via correspondence.

NetAid is a nonprofit organization with some 80,000 members. Its mission is to mobilize people in developed countries to make ending extreme poverty a global priority. It was established in 1999 through a partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Cisco Systems.

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From: NetAid