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New international volunteering exchange launched in UK
11 March 2005

London: A new international volunteering exchange programme from three of the UK’s most largest international charities was launched recently.

Global Xchange will bring young people from the UK, Africa and Asia together to live alongside each other and work as volunteers in areas such as hospices, disability, education and museum projects, women’s refuges and multicultural centres.

The programme is run the British Council, Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) and Community Service Volunteers (CSV). It aims to "develop active global citizens who are committed to working for positive change, and who can positively impact local communities in the UK and overseas".

The first five Global Xchanges are taking place between Glasgow and Nigeria, Bristol and Indonesia, Bradford and Uzbekistan, Blaenavon in South Wales and Kazakhstan, and Luton and the Philippines.

How it works

Participants from the UK are paired-up with a counterpart from a developing country. Teams of 18, nine from the UK and nine from a developing country, live together for three months in the UK. They then move to the developing country for three months. Participants work on community projects such as refugee mentoring programmes, environmental regeneration, at centres for disabled people and in youth and children’s projects.